The Tuesday Morning Dozen


    Good Morning!  Here are some news stories from around the commonwealth.

    1. Kaine puts positive spin on poll results.

    2. In testimony, Hamilton denies wrongdoing.

    3. Off-shore wind campaign to launch.

    4. Speaker Boehner is holding the raising of the debt ceiling hostage to trillions of dollars in cuts.

    5. Virginians are almost evenly split about marriage equality.

    6. More Dulles Rail controversy: Location of control room could cause delay in project

    7. Rail funds will be redistributed.

    8. Carter Turner to run for county board.

    9. McDonnell trying to limit state autism insurance bill.

    10. RT opinion: GOP balances budget on kids’ backs.

    11. State investigating asbestos claim at Surry nuclear facility.

    12. Blaze in neighboring North Carolina burns 20,000 acres (so far).

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      disappoint Skype users who rely on Mac or open source: Microsoft to buy Skype…

    • FreeDem

      That Kaine e-mail was one of the most absurd e-mails I’ve ever received from a candidate. It makes me wonder if his own staffers believe the spin. I expect them to do better than this in the future.  

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      Whipple’s clips came out a bit late today.  Rather than wait, I put up my own list.  We’ll be back to sampling from Whipple’s clips tomorrow.

      PS Think about it.  Every single day, Tom Whipple compiles the main news stories for the day from around the state, so you don’t have to.  He deserves thanks from everyone who reads them each day.  Thank you, Tom.