Home National Politics Jon Huntsman vs. Ken Cuccinelli on “Individual Mandate”

Jon Huntsman vs. Ken Cuccinelli on “Individual Mandate”


Jon Huntsman: “I’m comfortable with a requirement [for all Utah residents to carry health insurance], you can call it whatever you want.”

Ken Cuccinelli: The individual mandate “unconstitutional because the Congress doesn’t have the power under the Commerce Clause to compel you to buy a product from another American or a company, it can’t do it.”

By the way, it’s not just Jon Huntsman vs. Ken Cuccinelli on the individual mandate. As Think Progress points out, Huntsman “joins Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and possibly Tim Pawlenty as a potential GOP candidate who was for encouraging individuals to take personal responsibility for their health care before he was against it.” In addition, of course, the “individual mandate” originally was a Republican idea and was supported by many (most?) Republicans for nearly 30 years. Why do they suddenly oppose it now?  Simple: because Democrats finally came around to support it, just as Democrats came to support another big conservative idea, “cap and trade,” which Republicans now demonize as the socialismcommunismjobkillingruination. Except, again…it was THEIR IDEA!

  • George Jefferson Davis

    Come on…this is just a federalism argument. Huntsman says its fine for Utah to enact a mandate on Utahans, just as Cuccinelli has said Virginia would be within their rights to enact a mandate on Virginians, and Romney has said his state plan was fine. Their argument is that CONGRESS doesn’t have the power to mandate insurance purchase. I think they’re wrong and oddly passionate about it, but you know they’re not talking about the same thing here.

  • glennbear

    After watching his tea party friendly speech a thought came to me. Judging from the GOP support of the Ryan budget plan they feel that it is ok to mandate that a senior citizen purchase a PRIVATE insurance plan in lieu of current Medicare coverage. I am guessing that the constitutional concerns get tossed out as long as some one in the private insurance sector makes a profit. One thing I have not seen addressed is the fact that a medical procedure that a provider charges X dollars for will cost X dollars + whatever profit margin the insurance company mandates.