McDonnell gets a thumbs up while gay marriage gets a thumbs down


    For progressive-minded individuals in Virginia, a recent Quinnipiac University Poll came up with mixed results.

    A new Virginia-wide poll found that Gov. Bob McDonnell is “highly” popular in the Commonwealth while also finding that 51% of those polled agreed with the statement that “it’s time to end Virginia’s ban on adoption by same-sex couples.”

    55% of the 1,434 registered voters polled in Virginia approved of McDonnell’s performance while 26% disapproved.

    52% of those polled also oppose gay marriage.

    The margin of sampling error for the poll is plus or minus 2.6 percentage points, which could mean that Virginian’s are split on opposing gay marriage and that less than a majority may in fact agree with the statement that it’s time to end the ban on same-sex couples adoption.

    If McDonnell is considering a run for higher government office (which he almost certainly is), the new poll gives him a great political and personal confidence boost.

    I suppose there is an upside though, right? Ken Cuccinelli could be our governor instead (unfortunately, he may well be in the next election!).

    UPDATE by Lowell: I’d say these poll numbers, including ones for Ken Cuccinelli, represent an enormous messaging FAIL for DPVA. How on earth can Ken Cuccinelli, who has been nothing but divisive, have a positive approval rating? And how can Bob McDonnell, who aside from his Big Lies, has accomplished a whole lot of nothing as governor, be so popular? In part, I’d say it’s because Virginia’s economy is relatively strong, no thanks to McDonnell (it’s almost all the federal government, stimulus and military spending, all of which Virginia relies heavily on for its economy). But in part, it’s the utter failure to lay down a strong, convincing, powerful narrative about McDonnell, starting on Day #1 of his governorship, and pound away at that day in/day out. Again, that’s the responsibility of DPVA, and they simply haven’t done it for whatever reason. FAIL!!!

    • Progressive86

      To my mind, a big question is how the Democratic Party as a whole can better attack its political opponents while sustaining its higher moral ground. To some, the higher moral ground issue is not an issue at all. For me, however, it is one of the big distinguishing features between the Democratic and Republican Party’s. The latter would seem to be willing, on the whole, to sell its soul for a PR or election victory while the Democratic Party has, in many cases, relinquished its opportunity to sink the opposition, often on moral grounds.

      Of course, attacking political opponents doesn’t always have to be below the belt, so to speak. But all the talk I’ve heard has indicated that this is the type of political attack many Democrats want.  

      The Democratic Party has been the more responsible rhetorical party. It’s my hope that they can sustain this while simultaneously hammering away at their political opponents.  

    • sspiker

      Does McDonnell deserve any credit for Virginia being named CNBC’s #1 place to do business, like Kaine was credited?