McDonnell’s No Stephen Colbert


    Bob McDonnell proved two things yesterday in Roanoke at a forum on job creation hosted by the Southern Growth Policies Board and devoted to the promotion of manufacturing in the South. First, he has no solutions to the loss of Virginia manufacturing jobs to lower-cost labor overseas except to parrot the usual right-wing mantra of cutting corporate taxes, ending regulation, letting business do whatever it pleases. Second, he is no stand-up comedian.

    In a roundtable discussion Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, asked McDonnell what the federal government could do to spur manufacturing growth. McDonnell, believeing that he was hilarious, replied, “You mean dissolve?”

    Exactly what would be the consequences to Virginia of the federal government deciding to “dissolve”? Let’s look at the numbers.

    According to the Office of Personnel Management, Virginia is home to almost 308,000 federal workers and retirees, second only to California. Every one of those people pays taxes to localities and the state of Virginia and supports local economies throughout the state. If you like your schools, fire departments, and police in northern Virginia, thank a federal worker.

    For every $1 we Virginians pay to the federal government, we get back $1.51 through various federal programs. Virginia also is No. 1 in federal defense spending, surpassing California and Texas. So, try to picture Hampton Roads without the federal defense establishment. It isn’t pretty.

    McDonnell’s feeble attempt at humor falls flat in the face of reality for us Virginians. Conservative GOPers who deride and malign the federal government while hugely benefiting from it are like a spoiled-brat teenager screaming at his parents, “I hate you. I wish you were dead!….I need money. Can I have my allowance now?”

    • Dan Sullivan

      McDonnell is another empty vessel playing to an uninformed constituency.

      By the way, speaking of manufacturing, what happened to those six or so major announcements expected out of the swing through Asia? Another great investment!

    • Teddy Goodson

      or “surly adolescence” is indeed a good description of a whole lot of the conservatives’ attitude problem; much of the rest of it is almost like early-onset of senescence, a rather weird combination, resulting in even weirder politics.

      Look at the adolescent’s hatred of authority, the emotional refusal of any social or political constaints while simultaneously conforming ruthlessly to the current fads of their pack, the belief the world is their oyster so everyone else owes them, an inability to believe in the reality of other people outside their own circle, and an overweening greed—- combined with an oldster’s fear of change, a self-importance that dismisses contrary views or facts which do not meet with their approval, and an End-of-Times religiosity which regards this world’s problems as inconsequential since they are studying for their finals before their vengeful God.

      It’s almost medieval, but it makes a kind of sense, as we seem to be entering the stage of history which can be called one of corporate feudalism.      

    • McDonnell is being quietly touted as GOP Vice-Presidential material.  He’s a male Sarah Palin.