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Source: Gerry Connolly Does NOT Support Chris Wade for Braddock District Supervisor


Yesterday, I described a bizarre situation, in which a self-described “strong McCain-Palin supporter” and long-time Republican has suddenly decided to run as a “Democrat” (WTF?!?) for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors from the Braddock district. Since then, I’ve communicated with a number of Fairfax Democrats. Among the information I’ve received is the following, from a Fairfax Democrat who is close to the issue, and therefore who is highly knowledgeable, about it.

First off, my source tells me that Rep. Gerry Connolly was not — repeat, not — involved in recruiting (McCain-Palin Republican) Christopher Wade to run for this position. Also, I’m told that Connolly has not endorsed Wade.

To the contrary, Connolly was heard in several conversations with other guests at the recent Braddock District Democratic Committee meeting, as well as at other functions, complaining that Wade had no serious civic or political credentials qualifying him to run for supervisor. Based on  his website and other information that’s out there publicly, I’ve got to strongly agree with Gerry Connolly on that one!

As if that’s not damning enough, Connolly also has publicly cited concerns over Wade’s voting history, notably two recent cases where he voted in Republican primaries.

No doubt, my source points out, since he was elected to Congress in 2008, former Fairfax County Board Chair Connolly has continued to take a strong interest in local elections. That includes his recent endorsement of three at-large Fairfax County School Board candidates. (Note: my source points out that Connolly endorsed the same three candidates Chap Petersen did, and adds, “Who woulda thunk?”)

Last but not least, my source tells me that Rep. Connolly believes in the importance of nominating a Braddock candidate who can defeat John Cook before Cook becomes too entrenched. And, I’m told point blank, “Connolly does not think Wade is that candidate.”

UPDATE (Friday morning): NLS reports that Janet Oleszek is a candidate for Supuervisor from Braddock district, and that Chap Petersen has already endorsed her. It almost goes without saying that I will strongly support Janet over the McCain-Palin supporter pretending to be a “Democrat.”  Go Janet!!!

  • jsrutstein

    A commenter over at NLS lumped Sharon Bulova in with Connolly in the anti-Wade camp.  I really hope that’s true.  It’s just so obvious that they were putting Wade up for some reason other than to unseat Cook.

    The mailer Wade left on my door a month or so ago didn’t have the word “Democrat” on there at all.  I had to Google him to find out that he’d filed to run as a Dem.  Then there was the fiasco of the Greidinger candidacy.  He sent me an e-mail message the night before Memorial Day inviting me to the American Legion’s ceremony the next day, and, if he was there at all, he was hiding; he certainly wasn’t introduced like Dave Albo.  Then I get his dropping out message with the very weird endorsement of Wade as if Greidinger shouldn’t have been running in the first place.

    How are the Dem voters in the Braddock District supposed to get enthused for any of them if this is what they’re signaling to us, that they’re o.k. with Cook winning a full term?  If you don’t have a great candidate who can be stronger than Moon was, which is what will be needed to unseat Cook as an incumbent, then at least go down swinging with a true Dem who will loudly and proudly carry the best messages all the while pointing out all the ugly baggage Cook has to carry for a party that gets more extreme every day.

  • Tom

    I was a little confused about Wade jumping in at this late stage, without realizing that March had dropped out recently so I checked Marc’s campaign web site and was a bit startled to read what seems to amount to an endorsement of Wade. I assume Marc knows Wade pretty well if he would say that he didn’t want to cause any party divisive problems so he decided to drop out in the interest of party unity.

    I am not able to reconcile the seemingly complementary remarks that Marc made about Wade with everything else I’ve read about Wade on Blue Virginia. It almost seems like I’m reading about two different people. BUT … a man whose only claim to being a Democrat appears to be the fact that he had a yard sign for a democrat and someone edited/updated the VAN database that suddenly scored him as a strong D when he has never voted in a Dem.primary but has voted in more than one GOP primary, plus he openly supported the McCain-Palin ticket. I am nearly totally convinced that Wade is no Democrat, but I feel very conflicted after reading Marc’s web site positive comments about Wade. Please, someone help me understand what is going on here, and let us all know if there is another Democrat waiting in the wings to jump into the race.


  • Chris

    If she jumps in, she will have the support of all Democratic activists.  Time for Wade to drop out!

  • ladyofthetown

    After all these comments, we still have not heard from Chris Wade.  Why?  Time to pack your bag.