The Male Vote and Sarah Palin


    [Disclaimer: This is written in fun and not necessarily a complete or even accurate rendition of my views on psychology.]

    In a normal universe, a vice-presidential candidate who lost the presidential race for her running mate (as polls suggested may have happened), couldn’t hack being governor and bailed nearly two years early on the voters of Alaska, had her husband partly run the show, revealed a non-existent grasp of world affairs, and is perhaps the dumbest individual to present in nearly a century, would have zero support in 2012.  Indeed, even her own daughter-sidekick (used by Sarah as a prop on all possible occasions) seems miserable at her side.   But for some reason, men, who usually purport to disdain inanity, seem blinded.  

    Chris Matthews is, despite all recent claims to the contrary, taken with her.  Even Howard Dean thinks Sarah Palin could be president.  What’s up with that?  And why do so many men pretend she is a credible candidate?  They seem un-bothered by the shrill, high-pitched voice (like finger nails scraping on a chalk board), her self-absorbed ego-tour, her lunacy, her staged Alaska outdoor series, or the complete lack of knowledge about anything.  There she was squealing and screeching on her bus tour, attended by few.  But mostly males in the media continued to spend far too many minutes covering the sideshow.  Why?  As Bill Maher says, Palin shouldn’t be on vacation.  She should be in summer school.”

    The best explanation I have heard is this is as follows: From an early age, the majority of men stop listening to what women say altogether.  It starts with young boys.  Before long, they stop listening to their moms and do whatever.  And, because of this, over time, most moms want the dads more involved. The saga continues into adulthood when wives portray husbands as less communicative than the wives would wish. “Experts” of psychobabble pronounce that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.”  But the fact is that they cannot communicate if they weren’t listening in the first place! It’s a listening problem.

    No wonder they don’t hear what their wives say to them?  If this is true, and I hesitate to embrace any sweeping generalization (for most of them are wrong), then the explanation for why Palin has any male support whatsoever is simple.  They stop at looks.  And that’s all her fans notice.  They never did listen, so her screeches and shrieks don’t even register. Furthermore, because they don’t listen to real news either,  Palin’s fans will never believe her husband was in a secessionist movement or that Palin couldn’t even handle being governor.  They won’t care that she knows nothing about US history or government (or anything).  

    Her grating claims to be the only “real America” do not register and all the fans see is her smiling, full-of-herself confidence. . . These same guys are really gonna love Michele Bachmann. Already the almost drooling Chris Matthews has declared Bachmann as a “serious” candidate.  Hahaha!  Hopefully the two attractive, but quart-low women will split the silent minority.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have done more to set back the cause of women being taken seriously in politics than anyone would have thought. They both reinforce every stereotype of airheads with just a pretty face. Thank God for Hillary Clinton!!!

    • Teddy Goodson

      Then again,  maybe you ladies (I mean we ladies) are just jealous. Mrs. Palin has always struck me as the epitome of the “mean girl” in 8th grade—- there’s one in every school, sometimes more than one. These are the early-onset of pubescence females who are either 1)good at sports/cheerleading and/or 2) privileged in their monied family background (some few fall into both categories). They form cliques of fawning followers composed of other girls, and are utterly ruthless in how they treat lesser females—- cruel to the point of driving weaker girls to suicide, even; as for the opposite sex, they are prey, to be manipulated.  The mean girls grow up to be Sarah Palin types.

      I do have to hand it to Ms. Palin: she has shown exceptional ability in self-promotion, regardless of her other talents, much as an otherwise talentless starlet parlays her ass-ets into stardom.