“Areizaga-Soto Condemns Poll Paid by Favola, Pledges to Stick to Facts”


    The Areizaga-Soto campaign just put out this press release. In addition, for a lot more background on this story, I recommend that everyone check out the discussion that’s been going on here. Also, I encourage anyone who receives this call to RECORD IT!

    Areizaga-Soto Condemns Poll Paid by Favola, Pledges to Stick to Facts

    ARLINGTON, VA. – The Jaime Areizaga-Soto for Senate campaign expressed dismay at the underhanded, dishonest attacks the Favola campaign perpetuated in a district-wide poll earlier this week.

    Political blogger Ben Tribbett reported on Twitter that the pollster falsely identified Areizaga-Soto’s political party.

    Another [Fairfax] blogger reported that the pollster read a disclaimer noting that the statements in the poll were not true.

    “Elections are about choices. Democrats in the 31st district deserve to know the facts so they can make an educated choice. My campaign has been tough – we’ve pointed out some uncomfortable facts about who funds my opponent – but I have been and will always be honest,” said Jaime Areizaga-Soto.

    The Areizaga-Soto campaign has sent two mailers to Democrats in the 31st district pointing out that Favola broke an Arlington County Board rule and took $25,000 from a developer with extensive business before the County Board. The campaign also sent a third mailer noting Favola’s large contribution from a developer who otherwise gives to almost exclusively Republican candidates including to the Republican nominee running in the 31st district in this November’s general election.

    “John Shooshan is a successful businessman and by all accounts a great guy,” added Areizaga-Soto. “But his unprecedentedly large contribution to Barbara Favola and his fundraising role on her campaign committee indicates a serious lack of judgment and raises ethical concerns about County Board member Favola’s support for The Shooshan Company’s multi-million dollar development projects in Arlington.”

    UPDATE: Favola admits that she was behind this. The truth starts to come out?!?

    • NewVirginia

      I hope all who complained before will come back and let us know what they feel about this “push-poll” that calls Jaime a Republican and reiterates the negatives to an even wide audience says about this campaign. What could the Favola campaign possibly be thinking?

      All Ms. Favola has to do is recuse herself from future real estate decisions on the Arlington Board (assuming she doesn’t win) and reassure everyone that accepting money from GOP large donors is meaningless.

      Ms. Favola doesn’t need a high-cost “messaging” campaign — that also seems to have a “dirty tricks” element.

    • … Favola authorizing a push-poll calling her Democratic opponent a Republican, or Favola brazenly admitting it to the Post with a dismissive “it is what it is.”  

    • LyonParkVoter

      Favola was quoted by the Washington Post as saying that “she did not know about the wording of the question.”  Really?  That leaves two options which are equally damning.  She is either lying or is not competent enough to serve as Senator.

      In any campaign, polling is a key and costly component(one of the most expensive) that should be closely reviewed and developed by the candidate. If she wants to claim that she didn’t review, then it is yet the latest example of her slopiness. I want a candidate that is fully commited to their campaign, is reviewing closely everything that goes out and is actively and closely managing their campaign.

      It goes to the heart of whether or not this is a competent candidate that will effectively lead and represent the interests of the constituents they are serving. An eye for detail is extremely important, particularly when voting on legislation that they will be voting on and that could affect the progressive values that our 31st Senator is trying to defend.

      If elected and she allows yet another non-progressive piece of legislation to be passed as has occured recently, is that going to be her excuse? “I didn’t know about the wording.”

      At the end of the day, whether she read it or not, she is still ultimately responsible. Yet another reason it’s time to bring in someone new.

    • The Richmonder

      I hereby withdraw my April 14, 2011 endorsement of Barbara Favola for the Democratic nomination for the 31st State Senate District.  I have removed that post from my site and taken down her graphic.

      The use of the tired trick of a push poll with deliberately misleading information about an opponent has no place in 21st century politics, let alone in a Democratic primary between two candidates claiming to be good Democrats.  

      Deliberately misleading one’s constituents is an action that immediately calls into question a person’s fitness for elective office.  Barbara Favola’s behavior is inexcusable and she should consider withdrawing from the race.

      –J.C. Wilmore

      “The Richmonder”

    • The guy said he was told to say that some of the information he read to me on their records may have been exaggerated… also had no idea how to pronounce Jaime’s last name.

      Additionally, probably didn’t need to continue the poll after I was strongly supporting Jaime and unfavorable towards Barbara.

    • Charly

      I can’t believe the cynicism of the Areizaga campaign.