Breaking: Boehner pulls debt ceiling bill


    Apparently, he did not have the votes for passage.…

    Please feel free to use this thread to discuss latest development.

    UPDATED (7:20 p.m.) – Brian Beutler reports members have been alerted to plan on a vote tonight, and not to miss it.!/brianbeu…

    Meanwhile, Reid says he will return to floor at 8:30 to see what House will do.

    Rep. Paul Ryan told National Review he is confident Boehner Plan will pass house, but he also wrote a budget plan assuming the U.S. would 5% economic growth for 15 consecutive years, so take what he says with a grain of salt.

    Actually, make that an entire shaker.

    FINAL UPDATE (10:31 p.m.) – House Whip Kevin McCarthy says there will be no vote tonight.

    Boehner may ultimately tweak the bill and get it passed, but this has to be an embarrassing disaster for him.

    • Elaine in Roanoke
    • I’d say he’s right on the edge if he can’t get this one done.

    • aznew

      — The news came just minutes before party leadership was set to hold a 5:30 p.m.

      — Congressional aides were scrambling to figure out just when the vote would be rescheduled for — the House for now will consider eight smaller measures first

      — A spokesman for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Dishonesty) said that a vote on Boehner’s proposal would still take place on Thursday night.

      — Informal whip counts had 25 Republicans and the full Democratic caucus opposing the measure, which would put it short of the 216 votes needed for passage.

    • kindler

      “…right after we name a few Post Offices.”

    • aznew

      Clock ticks towards August 2, House is naming post offices, while leaders twist arms for a pointless vote. No wonder people hate Washington

    • VADEM

      is all theatre. It will never pass the Senate. Why is this such a big media deal? Everywhere it is BREAKING NEWS”.


    • Elaine in Roanoke

      As the countdown continues, it’s approaching time for the 14th Amendment. I know why President Obama doesn’t want to invoke it. It is a usurpation of congressional responsibility, but this House of Representatives is not capable of assuming its responsibilities.

    • … some party you put in power, huh? Still think you’re better off without Tom Perriello fighting for the 5th?

    • Bumble Bee

      Unfortunately, I live in Hurt’s District.  There is so much ignorance, intolerance and racism in the electorate that rational thought is impossible.  All they can see is a black man in the White House and that drives everything else.