BREAKING: Meadowcreek Parkway Stopped! (for now)


    In a huge victory for The Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park (and a fight that has been going on for decades!), the Army Corps of Engineers has withdrawn their permit for the section of the Meadowcreek Parkway that would have run through the park, at VDOT's request. To clarify, this is McIntire Road Extended, the city portion of the road that would have run through McIntyre Park. The timing seems to reflect VDOT backing down–had the permit not been withdrawn, VDOT might have faced a possible injunction tomorrow in court. The federal court hearing requesting a preliminary injunction scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.

    I don't have any links to this news yet, and haven't seen any writeups, though I'm sure there will be plenty on the news tonight. This story was broken, to my knowledge, at 4 PM EST by Coy Barefoot on Cville's 1070 WINA, who has since tweeted that he will be replaying the segment at 5:05 PM (link to listen HERE).

    VDOT is moving forward and attempting to rewrite the plan for the parkway such that it wouldn't affect the waters of the US: in short, so they wouldn't need to go through the permitting process. I don't see a way for them to do this and still go through McIntyre Park.  

    Either way, this is a huge victory for environmentalists that many thought could not be accomplished–but, the fight may not be done, proceed with caution.

    • aimeefausser

      The other decades-old bypass has moved one more step along in the process. This one isn’t through a park, but is an outdated plan that would disrupt neighborhoods without really meeting the modern traffic burden.

      “The Commonwealth Transportation Board voted 12-to-1 Wednesday to fund the controversial Western Bypass around Route 29.”

      “Governor McDonnell says it’s time to build the bypass. McDonnell said, “We’ve got some money now, let’s get things done. If it’s on the six year plan and it’s funded then let’s get results, let’s not dilly-dally around. It takes so long to build roads in Virginia. So yes, I’m pushing VDOT and the secretary to get things done.””

    • cvllelaw

      VDOT sent a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers, saying that they were going to cross Schenk’s Branch “some other way” (meaning, I assume, with a bridge).  That means that they don’t need an Army Corps of Engineers permit to be able to build the Meadowcreek Parkway, which means that they didn’t need to appear in federal court to defend the permit.

      I infer from both the equivocal response of VDOT’s Lou Hatter and from the happy reaction of the spokesperson for the Coalition to Preserve McIntire Park that those close to the scene think this is bad for the building of the road, but I am less sure.  The Daily Progress article is at

      The only thing that IS sure is that there will be no federal review, and no federal injunction.