Chuck Schumer Rips Eric Can’tor


    Chuck Schumer rips Eric Can’tor, and rightfully so, for being completely unreasonable and irresponsible, for absolutely refusing to compromise, and for not even attempting to be a “constructive force.” I’d add, “for putting party above country,” and “for jeopardizing America’s economy, its people, and its future.”

    Yep, that’s our Eric “I want what I want” Can’tor, the shame of Virginia – and America.

    • Progressive86

      What can be said about a man who dangles a country’s future in his hands for greater political power?  

    • Jim B

      The dude is probably laughing all the way to the bank so to speak. Everything to him is money. The fact some old person may not get their SS check and have money for food and shelter is of no consequences to him.

    • I have it on good authority he suffers from a rare medical disorder:  Fecal Maximus Syndrome.  Also known as the “Full of Shit Disease.”