Cuccinelli continues his ideological crusade, this time on Medicaid


    While Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli crusades against crimes that appear to arouse his ideological err, what should be a crime is the selective focus of Virginia’s tax money and manpower hours towards crimes that are cherry-picked for review based solely upon political/ideological grounds.

    Virginia’s AG has teamed up with Richmond city officials to investigate a video showing a supposedly wealthy Russian drug smuggler being informed by a government employee about how to apply for Medicaid.

    While the investigation may be legitimate, it fits the profile of cases that Cuccinelli has based his tenure as AG on, and a lot of taxpayers dollars.

    If you recall the way the Reagan administration attacked the “welfare queens” of the 1980s then you can see that the Republican playbook hasn’t changed too much.

    Is Medicaid perfect? No. Can Medicaid be reformed? Sure. But what people like Cuccinelli and his followers want is to underhandedly eradicate Medicaid altogether while insisting that reforms are their only goal.

    It’s time for Virginians to wake up to the awful truth: many of the Tea Party political representatives want nothing more than to turn back the clock in Virginia to the pre-FDR era.

    For all of its faults, the social safety nets that have been put into place have been pivotal to helping millions of Americans each year from slipping into poverty, or worse.

    Social welfare programs like Medicaid, therefore, are pivotal components of society in the U.S. today. Politicians like Ken Cuccinelli, however, are not.  

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      the demonization of the poor and the old continues. The plan is to find a single case of something and they claim EVERYONE in that large group is “evil.”  This is an orchestrated, manipulative and cunning campaign.  And I would like to see experts examine the “film,” because in most of the versions aired previously, editing which changed the entire direction of what organization reps did/said gave an entirely different impression from what actually happened. for example, in Roanoke, the Planned Parenthood employee actually got in her car and got the license plate of the “culprit” (actor) and called the police.  And yet the way the footage was presented the a vieer might get the opposite impression.

      By removing key words/phrases/sentence they can turn night into day.  So why is no one independent of this administration getting to look at the footage to verify it wasn’t manipulated?

      Old McDonnell tosses around the phrase (“our seniors”), which means squat because he is apparently willing to help Cooch mislabel poor seniors and the poor in general based upon small data for political ends.

    • glennbear

      Here is a list of facts regarding Medicaid including that VA is 48th in Medicaid spending nationally. Since expenditures are already so low it is obvious that the GOP plan in VA has no goal short of total elimination of Medicaid.

    • Keith

      To quote:

      “.. the investigation may be legitimate, ..”

      “is Medicaid perfect? No. ….”

      You admit that Medicaid is not perfect and that an investigation of this latest “expose” is warranted but you don’t want an investigation of Medicaid by the one constitutional officer in Virginia having the authority to do so.  Why?  Because you don’t like the AG and “know” he has a secret agenda.    

      Let’s investigate Medicaid so it can readily be available to those who really need this assistance.  Otherwise, we are tolerating abuse.