Has anyone seen . . .


    Rumor has it that two Democrats are running for the 99th House of Delegates seat being vacated by Al Pollard.

    Nick Smith and Richard Moncure, both of Westmoreland County, are reported to be after the Democratic nomination.

    Has anyone seen anything of these two stealth candidates??  Neither of them appears on the VPAP pages, and, although I’ve used The Googles, I can’t find evidence of a campaign by either of them.

    Meanwhile, three Republican candidates are all over the district — campaign signs, public appearances, front-page newspaper articles.

    • cavsfootball

      Richard Moncure is unfortunately not running.  He would have been the only candidate to defeat Margaret Ransone who is going win in a landslide in the GOP primary.  Richard just has too many things on his plate but from what I understand he will run in two years.

      Mr. Smith is a nice guy and I will vote for him but he has no chance.  

      Richard could have competed toe to toe with the “pedigree” issue.  In other words, my home, the ‘Neck, doesn’t really vote for folks who don’t have ties to the area.  Many Dems will vote for Ransone because they’ve known her since she was a kid.  Richard’s family dates back to the Washington’s (yes, George) he is a waterman and ran the Happy Clam in Colonial Beach, and also served on local committees in Westmoreland.  He has cousins who spent a time in the Virginia legislature.  So, it WOULD have been a good race.

      Hopeful to see Moncure back in two years.