I Normally Love the Kojo Nnaamdi Show, But Not This Time!


    I listen to the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU all the time. I especially make sure to listen to The Politics Hour every Friday, and usually it’s an excellent show. This Friday, however, I must say I was very disappointed in the people who screen Kojo’s callers, and also in Kojo himself. Why?

    First, watch the following video, of Jaime Areizaga-Soto responding to three calls from listeners. In particular, I have a huge problem with the first call, and to a lesser extent, with the second call.

    That’s right, first off they allow an outright racist – someone who believes that black or Latino (he calls them “Hispanic”) elected officials “only work on” black or “Hispanic” issues (whatever THOSE are exactly), who refers disrespectfully to the “Virginia Hispanic whatever caucus,” who claims that white candidates are “forced to deal with all races,” etc.  Why on earth would the screeners let someone like this ask a question of a Latino candidate, and why wouldn’t the hosts cut him off as soon as they realized that they had (mistakenly?) let this individual through? Truly apalling, c’mon Kojo!

    Second, and of FAR lesser importance, the screeners also let through a caller who had no idea what on earth he was calling about, going on for a while about Rob Krupicka, a candidate in a completely different district than Jaime Areizaga-Soto, with the hosts not correcting him or cutting him off.  More substantively, what a waste of the candidate’s time, with 2 of 3 questions being a complete waste of time and/or a “troll”.  Ugh, not a good day on the Kojo Nnaamdi show!  

    • Dan Sullivan

      is a red flag in any discussion; usually followed by the same kind of drivel that was tolerated here. If you are going to allow such slander on the air, then at least demonstrate the capacity to take the callers to task.  

    • notlarrysabato

      Favola knocked on his door, and he is getting Jaime’s mailers.  So this is a regular DEMOCRATIC primary voter!

    • Ingrid

      Jaime handled the question extremely well!

    • LyonParkVoter

      He asked questions, but also seemed clueless on the candidates, the race for the 31st, etc.. If you are going to have someone else in the studio with you asking questions, they should have done their homework to ask better questions.  For example, they skimmed over the conflicts issue. Maybe they will drill down on this with Favola?

    • Caller-driven talk radio is not exactly a haven of informative discourse.

    • NewVirginia

      The caller claimed he was from “Fredericksburg” but also claimed he got mailers and a visit from Favola. I don’t think Favola is running the best campaign in Democratic primary history — but I also don’t think she is knocking on doors in Fredericksburg. THAT alone should have clued the Call Screener into the fact that this was a caller with an “agenda” — that was NOT legit.

      It was a shameful lapse on the part of the show.

      New Virginia also agrees that Tom Sherwood was not a “co-host” who added much to the dialogue.

      Jaime did GREAT, in spite of bad show production, lackadaisical moderation and some truly awful questions. That alone shows Jaime will do VERY well in Richmond.