Ideology That Knows No Compromise


    Okay, we get it, you want a “balanced budget.” But aren’t there better ways to reduce America’s deficit and swipe away its debt than to put a gun to head of the U.S. (metaphorically speaking of course!)? Doubtless there is. But most conservatives and some within the libertarian fold see this moment in America’s history as “the” time to clean up our economic house.

    I feel as though I’m in a cubist painting, unable to grasp the full dimensionality of what the Republican Party and its followers are truly hoping to accomplish. Don’t they see that their gamble could essentially throw America into an economic tailspin, the likes of which we may never fully recover from? I have to believe that these individuals are not so reckless. I have to believe that these individuals simply see the current political situation in an entirely different way than I do.

    What is absolutely clear is that these individuals on the right of the political spectrum have become completely blinded by their “balanced budget” ideology and their fiscal conservatism, so much so that anything that seems to them to go against this dogmatic policy position should be fundamentally and totally rejected. Compromise? Nope, not on your life. They don’t understand the meaning of the word.

    The biggest curse and the biggest blessing of being a liberal is that compromise is built into our political ideologies. Compromise is not a bad thing, it’s what makes a republic function without dissolution. But all too often, those of a conservative political persuasion, in particular, look at compromise as “unmanly,” or whatever non-masculine term they wish to pluck from their limited lexicon.

    Should liberals discard their willingness to compromise? No. Win or lose, we are in the right and our higher moral ground should not be abandoned for the mud holes that many Republican politicians always seem to be found in (e.g. Eric Cantor).  

    • with reasonable, rational people. Compromise does NOT work when you’re dealing with people who are completely unreasonable and irrational. The latter is the situation we’re now in, with the Teapublican Party. It was NOT the case even under Ronald Reagan. Heck, even Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush were more rational than these people in the funny costumes (and their puppet masters – Grover, the Koch brothers, Dick Armey, etc.)

    • normanva

      Just watch palin, bachmann, etc., they are all saying nothing will happen.  In their alternate universe, we will just pay the interest on the debt and go on.

      As for cantor, his next campaign slogan will have to be “Ambition before Country”.  In the last election the tea party claimed he wasn’t a real conservative.  Now he has rolled the dice and become the tea party darling.  The downside for him is that America is riding along the clift because of him.  If we go over the clift, he will be the face to blame.    

    • Progressive86

      but in this particular case, I’d prefer we wait to save the economy. This guy will give us plenty of opportunity to make him look like the irrational egomaniac he really is.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      How much more ground can Dems give?  They have yielded to almost everything except Medicare privatization.  There seems to be nothing that won’t be given away. So the question is would we/ should we compromise any more?  No!!!!!  Our side has done ALL the compromising.  Time for the other side to do it.  And the other side needs to cease and desist their extortion.  It should be illegal to threaten to crash intentionally the economy.  

      But if they can legally get away with it, that doesn’t justify caving to them in what will be a forever pattern of bullying, extortion, and gaming us by TeaPublicans.

    • Yes.  Without a doubt.  No more compromise.  You can’t compromise with someone whose sole goal is to kill you.

      Or maybe you haven’t been paying attention to the likes of Mitch McConnell who says the GOP’s goal is to make Obama a one-term president.  Period.  That’s all they want.  

      NO compromise.  No way. Not any more.

    • blue bronc

      Atlanta Journal, Mike Luckovich,Cantor

    • Teddy Goodson

      Self-government by a sizeable population requires not only that the citizens be willing to engage actively one way or another in the governing process (like knowing what’s going on, and voting when appropriate), but, even more important, in a successful republic the counter-party must be be willing to cooperate with the winning party after an election or decision is made. This did not happen after 2008, nor did the 2010 election shift complete control of the government to the Republicans, so they were still the opposition party. The system requires that there be a “loyal opposition;” without it, the system will fail, as it did in 1860 under the stress of slavery and Westward expansion.

      It is clear that we do not have a loyal opposition today; we have a dis-loyal, disrespectful opposition, whose adherents blame the opposite, ruling party, not themselves for the breakdown of governance; they emphatically do not recognize their own contribution to the impasse. This is almost exactly what happened in the ancient Roman republic with the breakdown of the Roman Senate under the stresses of empire-building. In that case, the plump, wea;thy Senators, absorbed in their political factions, sought to get rid of Ceasar(one of them, but serving as military leader), whom they (rightly) feared. That was when Ceasar was assassinated on the steps of the Senate. It begins to look like the same story, but without the legions at the back of Obama.