Jaime Areizaga-Soto, Adam Ebbin Win Virginia Partisans Straw Poll


    Here’s video of Terry McAuliffe announcing the winners of the Virginia Partisans straw poll held at Arlington County Board member Jay Fisette’s home earlier this evening. The poll was for the 30th and 31st State Senate districts, and the winners were Adam Ebbin in the 30th and Jaime Areizaga-Soto in the 31st. While Ebbin was expected to win, given his longstanding and close ties to the Partisans, as well his hard work for so many years for LGBT issues, I’d say that Areizaga-Soto’s win was somewhat of an upset over Barbara Favola. It wasn’t a small crowd, either, at least a couple hundred people, so that’s pretty impressive.

    I’ll have more video tomorrow, including speeches by all the State Senate candidates, as well as by Sen. Donald McEachin, Arlington County Board member Jay Fisette, Partisans President Tiffany Joslyn, Terry McAuliffe.  For now, since it’s getting late, I’ll just say that it was a great event all around, including for having raised a significant amount of money for helping keep the State Senate Democratic blue. Thanks to everyone who put the event together, and go Democrats!

    • LyonParkVoter

      Favola and Saslaw not only showed surprise and utter disgust on their faces when it was announced that Jaime had won, but they immediately left instead of being gracious losers and continuing to mingle with those in attendance. I hope others that were there took note.  How “dare” they not follow instructions from the “Democratic Elders” and vote for who they have chosen as the heir to Whipple? Yet another example of the attitude that has and continues to turn off so many voters from Favola and why she is not the best person to represent the 31st!

    • notlarrysabato

      Jaime’s strongest group of voters are people that have met Barbara Favola.  Her attendance last night locked up Jaime’s win in this straw poll.

    • From the LGBT Dems of VA, we now have (see below) full results from the straw poll and other news from this fundraiser. In the 30th, it was Ebbin 60%-Krupicka 28%-Garvey 11% (and Undecided 1%). In the 31st, it was Areizaga-Soto 54%-Favola 38% (and Undecided 8%). Also, congratulations on the great turnout and fundraising! Now, if we can only get Dick Saslaw to focus on spending that money against REPUBLICANS, not against fellow DEMOCRATS, we’ll all be doing great! 🙂

      LGBT Democrats of Virginia PAC Raises over $21K for Pro-Equality Democrats

      The Virginia Partisans PAC, the Political Action Committee of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia, raised over $21K at a fundraiser held Thursday at the home of Arlington County Board Member Jay Fisette and Bob Rosen. All funds raised will be used to support pro-equality Democrats in Virginia.

      The fundraiser, titled 40 for 40 – Keep the Senate Blue, represents the kick-off of the LGBT Democrats of Virginia’s 2011 fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $1,000 for each seat in the Virginia Senate. A line-up of speakers including Senator McEachin and Terry McAuliffe spoke to an enthusiastic audience of nearly 200 supporters. Terry McAuliffe, 2009 Democratic primary candidate for Governor of Virginia and current Chairman of GreenTech Automotive, headlined the event. McAuliffe expressed his disappointment that current Republican Governor Bob McDonnell didn’t follow the example of Democratic governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine when McDonnell omitted LGBT citizens in his executive order on nondiscrimination. McAuliffe also called for LGBT nondiscrimination to be Virginia law.

      A straw poll held at the event allowed attendees to cast ballots for candidates running in the Virginia 30th and 31st Senate Districts. In the 30th District, current Delegate Adam Ebbin, Virginia’s first openly gay member of the General Assembly, won the poll with 60% of the vote against Rob Krupicka (28%) and Libby Garvey (11%). One percent of those voting were undecided. In the 31st District, Jaime Areizaga-Soto won with 54% of ballots cast against Barbara Favola who had 38% of the vote. Eight percent were undecided.

      A reoccurring theme for speakers at the event was that LGBT equality was a human rights issue that went beyond partisan politics. To attendees, Tiffany M. Joslyn, President of the Virginia Partisans PAC, said, “I know that we are Partisans, that we are focused on electing Democrats, but we understand that equality is not just a Democratic thing, or a Republican thing. This is about human rights. This is not a partisan matter.” Joslyn added, “We must elect democratic leaders who will reach across the aisle to share our stories, work together and lead the way to equality in Virginia.”

      This event was one of the largest events ever for the Virginia Partisans PAC, which partnered earlier this year with the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia to form LGBT Democrats of Virginia. Many elected officials from almost every level of Virginia government were in attendance, including Congressman Jim Moran. The organization is very grateful for the overwhelming support shown by all those who attended and contributed, especially from the volunteers and speakers who made the event possible.

      The Virginia Partisans PAC is currently considering endorsements for 2011 elections. More information, including a candidate questionnaire that is due on August 8th for general elections, can be found the LGBT Democrats of Virginia website.