Home National Politics McCain: Republican Balanced Budget Amendment Demand “Foolish,” “Deceiving,” “Unfair,” “Bizarro”

McCain: Republican Balanced Budget Amendment Demand “Foolish,” “Deceiving,” “Unfair,” “Bizarro”


John McCain, my new hero? Not exactly, but still, gotta love this — John McCain actually speaks the truth about something, calls out the Teapublicans for the “bizarro” – and “unfair,” “foolish,” “deceiving” – positions they’re taking. Good for him. I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks? Heh.

In other news, see the “flip” for video of Jim Webb urging action on the debt ceiling, declaring that “the first rule of good government is ‘do no harm,'” reminding people that Ronald Reagan – in whose administration Webb served – raised the debt ceiling 18 times (“more than any other president”), and pleading with Republicans not to make the mistake of “[destroying] the American economy in order to save it.” The question is, do Eric Can’tor and his radically irresponsible Tea Party brigades understand this? Right now, it sure as heck doesn’t seem like it. And that, given how much Republicans have really won this struggle, is what’s truly “bizarro.”

  • McCain calls the House Teahadists “bizzaro,” says they are “deceiving” the public.

    We have now left Mother Earth and are headed into another dimension, beyond space and time!!!!!!!!!

  • “Eff these morons”.

    This is infuriating. And you are absolutely correct — this highlights everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. Instead of spending the morning in their conference meeting deciding how to avert the disaster of a AAA downgrade (which the Boehner plan will not do), they were dicking around like middle schoolers ganging up on the the least powerful person in the room.

    If they are trying to spawn a third party they are doing a damn good job.

    Eff these morons.

    I’ll tell you, whoever this movement conservative is, they took the words right out of my mouth!

  • is spot on:

    …Our AAA is not at risk because our current fiscal path is unsustainable, but because ratings agencies know what many GOP freshman and party activists apparently do not: that doing the unpopular things required to get the budget in balance is going to require both parties to hold hands and jump together. Otherwise, whoever forces through their unpopular plan (huge tax increases/massive spending cuts) is going to get trounced at the next elections by an opposition party promising to undo whatever it is the party in charge has just done.

    My reading of what the ratings agencies have said is that if the GOP somehow manages to force the Democrats to do everything their way, this will not secure our AAA; it will guarantee that we lose it, because it will show that we are currently unable to make the ugly bipartisan compromises that long-term budget balance requires, and raises the risk that sometime in the not-very-distant future, the other party will retaliate by threatening default.  That’s what Wall Street cares about.  Not saving social security. Not lower spending.  They just care about getting enough consensus to keep the checks flowing.

  • Bumble Bee

    Don’t forget, a large contributor to the birth of the Tea Party and this Tea Party madness is Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News.  Fox endlessly promotes Tea Party blather to the impressionable and weak minds of the great unwashed who are then influenced by it, much to our distress.  If we are able to pull out of this, which appears less likely each day, save a little blame for Rupert and Fox.

  • kindler

    …is that he’s so freakin’ unpredictable. I wouldn’t want his finger on the little red button for that reason, but it sure raises his entertainment value.

    I mean, you could almost imagine the guy picking an Alaskan beauty queen/TV sportscaster to be vice president!

  • blue bronc

    One of the columnists actually wrote something that was interesting regarding how Bo(silent e)hner caused his own failure. When the new congress started the teabagger “democracy” movement was given full run. It was the “democracy” meant no one was the boss. No Speaker control, no whip control, no majority control. Every R regardless of being in diapers or training pants, had the same say as multi-term R’s.

    It meant the traditional control of the House was given up for a “democracy” where everybody had control and no one had control. Now that the Republican party is looking like the holding tank of an outhouse he is scrambling to regain traditional control. Which may or may not happen.

    He gave away everything for the mythical farmer who leaves the plow in the field to go to the big city and solve the world’s problems in a week and then goes back to finish the row on Monday, skipping Sunday of course because that is the day he spends not laboring but in church (no women allowed because they be in labor and dropping his chattel all over the floor).

    What is interesting is how his effort last night produced a news column and nothing from the teabag R’s that would indicated they give a rat’s patooie about America.

    The other thing is it looks like McCain decided he would be the adult of the R’s. Perhaps he looked down and saw the holding tank and realized the seriousness of his party’s collapse into it.

    Sorry I can’t remember who to link to – it might have been in the WashPo.