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McEachin Blasts McDonnell on Budget Claims: “Disingenuous,” “misleading,” “illusory”


Good for Sen. McEachin, calling out Bob McDonnell for his Big Lie on the budget. Now, if we could only get the rest of Virginia Democrats speaking out so strongly and calling McDonnell on his egregiously false claims.

“Disingenuous Language” But Even More “Harmful Actions” in Governor’s Statement and Budget

Richmond – State Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today sharply criticized the governor’s laudatory comments about a budget surplus.  Senator McEachin said, “Governor McDonnell knows all too well that talk of any surplus is simply disingenuous.  This is like any working Virginian claiming a surplus when he or she gets his paycheck, but before he deposits it in the bank and actually pays all his bills that are due, or in the case of the Commonwealth, overdue.

“Not only has the Governor balanced the budget on the back of Virginians through local governments by insisting they pay more or cut programs, he neglects to mention all the outstanding obligations that have been incurred. Virginia has $600 million in unfunded VRS liabilities and over $3 billion issued in road bonds. Those are outstanding bills that will need to be paid.

“In the meantime, localities find themselves without the resources to take care of their residents’ basic needs, such as education and public safety.  The governor has simply forced local officials to choose which programs to reduce or send dollars to the state to preserve those essential services.  These actions are harmful to our citizens!

If this supposed surplus has any basis in reality, either the funding should be restored or, at a minimum, the state should not be asking strapped local governments to reimburse them.

“Passing the burden to local governments, leaving them the choice to either cut basic services or raise taxes on their citizens to pay for those necessary services, and then proclaiming a surplus is not only disingenuous but displays total disregard for the important needs of Virginians. Public safety, children’s services and education have all been victimized by Governor McDonnell’s misleading and illusory form of supposed budget-balancing,” Senator McEachin concluded.

  • glennbear

    This IS the same state that a story just ran about having a state trooper shortage because of budget cutbacks is it not ?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The City Councils of Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Salem all have stated their objections at having the state budget balanced by requiring localities either to pay for services citizens need or to become the bad guys by cutting services the state used to pay for. And, I’m not just talking about schools.

  • ProgressVA Criticizes Governor for Disingenuous Budget Claims

    $311 Million Projected Surplus Dwarfed by State’s Debts And Outstanding Obligations

    Charlottesville, VA – Governor McDonnell today announced Virginia has a budget “surplus” of $311 million.  ProgressVA sharply criticized the Governor’s handling of the state budget for failing to fully fund the state’s obligation to the Virginia Retirement System while also cutting funds from vital public safety and health programs.

    “The Governor’s claims to fiscal responsibility are disingenuous at best,” said Anna Scholl, Executive Director of ProgressVA. “Our debts and obligations far outstrip the projected budget surplus. The Governor has essentially run up the state’s credit card and now wants a pat on the back for leaving a few dollars in the bank account.”

    While Virginia is constitutionally required to have a balanced budget, the burden of that balance has been laid on the backs of middle-class workers.  The Governor’s pension reform legislation has reduced the take-home pay for thousands of state employees while continuing the to leave the pension funds of teachers and police officers drastically underfunded. At the same time the state has cut general fund aid to localities, leaving localities with a choice between slashing police officers, school teachers, and children’s programs from their budgets or increasing property taxes.

    In addition to those cuts, Governor McDonnell has run up the state’s credit card, pushing a $3 billion transportation bond plan through the General Assembly and putting off millions of dollars in contributions to the Virginia Retirement System.

    “Its time for Governor McDonnell to level with taxpayers about the state’s finances,” said Scholl.

  • Delegate Toscano Statement on Governor McDonnell’s Budget Announcement:  Surplus is Artificial and Generated by Cuts to Localities and Employees.

    Charlottesville, VA – Governor McDonnell today announced a projected $311 million state surplus.  Delegate David Toscano (D-Charlottesville) released the following statement in response:

    “While this budget surplus is certainly preferable to a shortfall, we should be clear about its origins.  First, our national economy is improving and revenues are up as a result.  Second, we neglected our obligations in the last budget to adequately fund our state’s retirement plan.  Third, the surplus was generated because of substantial cuts made to localities and our social safety net.

    “These substantial cuts to localities and our failure to honor our commitment to state employees to adequately fund their pensions are not consistent with responsible budgeting.  Restoring funds now to the retirement system is simply what we should have done two years ago.  And maintaining assistance to localities is key to keeping property taxes low.

    “It is important that we honor our commitments in a timely fashion that is transparent and without gimmicks.  Generating surplus on the backs of localities and our state employees is not only disingenuous, but is a disservice to the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.”

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    For majority leader,,, just saying