• truthteller

    It deserves a wider airing and gives voice to the frustration that many of us progressives have that we’ve been  repeated giving ground, giving ground point that the other side would meet us half or a quarter of the way only to see the other side treat this as weakness and drive the debate even further to the interests of the far right and the privileged classes.

    This ought to be shared widely!

  • kindler

    The downside of the speech is that it invites the media to invoke their usual, to quote Paul Krugman, “cult of balance” approach to say both sides need to grow up, etc.  

    The upside is that it reminds the White House and Senate that they can’t just capitulate to Repub demands or they may lose the House and Dem grassroots support.

    Given the insane dynamic at play, where one of the two parties is playing chicken wih the entire global economy, I think the pluses outweigh the minuses here.