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PPP: Approval Ratings for McDonnell, Warner, Webb, Cantor, Gay Marriage


A few more findings from Public Policy Polling’s latest Virginia poll:

*Voters approve of Bob McDonnell’s job performance by a 50%-31% margin. Republicans approve of McDonnell by an 83%-8% margin, Independents approve of him by 49%-29% margin, and Democrats disapprove of him by a 56%-18% margin.

*By a 31%-24% margin, Virginia voters say that if McDonnell’s on the Republican ticket in 2012, they would actually be less likely to vote GOP.

*Mark Warner’s approval rating overall is 54%-28%, with 79%-11% Democratic approval, 55%-23% independent approval, and 50%-29% Republican disapproval.

*Jim Webb’s approval rating overall is 45%-36%, with 69%-16% Democratic approval, 49%-31% independent approval, and 60%-18% Republican disapproval.

*Eric Cantor’s approval rating is underwater, at 29%-31%. Democrats strongly disapprove (5%-53%), Independents somewhat disapprove (23%-31%), and Republicans strongly approve (59%-10%).

*The generic legislative ballot for this November is close to even, with 45% saying they’d support the (generic) Republican candidate, and 42% choosing the (generic) Democratic candidate. Independent voters are split, 34%-34%.

*While 52% of Virginians say that gay marriage should be illegal (80% of Republicans, 52% of whites, and 50% of African Americans say that), 65% say there should be either civil unions or marriage. Just 33% of Virginians say “There should be no legal recognition of a gay couple’s relationship.”

*Finally, 19% of Virginians say they are Atlanta Braves baseball fans, 14% say they’re Yankees fans, 11% each say they’re Nationals or Red Sox fans, and 10% say they’re Orioles fans. Also, 32% choose Virginia Tech, beating out the 20% who select UVA.

  • jlsnook

    Looking at the crosstabs, the folks in Area Code 276 are mad as hell at everybody — only in the far southwest, respondents vote 2-1 AGAINST Bob McDonnell, against Mark Warner, against Jim Webb, even against Eric Cantor (though most people had no opinion).  Everyone else in the state has a good opinion of UVA football coach Mike London; in 276, they are split, 17% to 17%.  And everyone else in the state has a good opinion of UVA basketball coach Tony Bennett, but in 276 NO ONE — 0% — likes Bennett, and 17% don’t like him.

    Now granted, it is pretty stupid to be polling on who likes the basketball coach and the football coach, but what the hell is going on there?  

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    Democrats even read what Warner is doing behind our backs?  His Gang has achieved stunning lows for oligarchy, back-room politics and shafting ordinary Americans.  His 12- person Super Congress is the most unbelievable, most unConstitutional end run around appropriate process   to come from a Dem in decades.  Pitiful.  Fail.  UnDemocratic, undemocratic (little d).  Radical Centrism is nothing more than selling out to Peter Peterson, big oil, and the Koch-branch of the GOP.  There is nothing centrist about it.  

  • RebeccaJ

    I suspect that younger Virginians are more open to gay marriage and that we mostly need to wait for the next generation for this civil right to be more easily gained.