Robert Hurt votes to kill 700,000 jobs, claims it was to “help grow the economy and create jobs”


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    From Robert Hurt’s statement defending his support of the “Balanced” Budget Amendment and its ride ons:

    “Today’s vote was another action taken by the House to get our fiscal house in order to help grow the economy and create jobs for 5th District Virginians…

    Washington has a spending problem. And while the Administration and Congressional Democrats continue to support the current spending status quo, the House will make the tough but necessary choices to reduce our debt and deficits, return certainty to the marketplace so that our job creators will have the confidence necessary to hire and expand, and preserve the American dream for our children and grandchildren.”

    But will the act accomplish those goals? Here’s what the non-partisan Center on Budget Policy Priorities had to say:

    “The “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act” … stands out as one of the most ideologically extreme pieces of major budget legislation to come before Congress in years, if not decades.”

    The Center’s statement goes on to say:

    “The budget cuts under “Cap, Cut, and Balance” would … cause the loss of roughly 700,000 jobs (next year) in the current weak economy…Some proponents of the legislation portray the measure as protecting Social Security and Medicare. This claim is false. The legislation would inexorably subject Social Security and Medicare to large reductions.”

    How’s that for making “necessary” choices to expand job creation? Robert Hurt needs to start representing his district, which could use a fair amount of job creation, instead of copying Eric Cantor’s votes 90% of the time, even when those votes would result in the loss of 700,000 jobs.

    Hat tip to Dr. Aubyn Fulton, Professor of Psychology at Pacific Union College for posting the Center for Budget Policy’s report on his facebook and giving me the inspiration to write this post.

    • Its time to vote this nut out of office.

    • Teddy Goodson

      especially on entitlements, which President Obama put on the table, it is now absurd to keep saying “Washington has a spending problem, and blaming it on Democrats”….

      This statement by Mr. Hurt sounds like nothing more than a generic press release, a mismash of tired old Republican talking points, re-issued by the Republican caucus for every member. No doubt the Republican Congressman from Missippi put out exactly the same boiler-plate junk mail.  

    • glennbear

      When I moved to VA, Virgil Goode was the rep in the 5th, Goode was the poster child for the GOP rural VA good ole’ boy network. When he was defeated by Tom Perriello after a tough recount battle we enjoyed 2 years of having a REAL representative in Washington who was so well respected that the President attended a rally for him despite the fact that Perriello had voted contrary to the Democratic party line when he saw that doing so was in the best interests of 5th distrct citizens. This was the only rally for an individual candidate that President Obama attended during that election cycle. With Hurt we are back to the Virgil Goode style politics where corporate and wealthy constituents are the only ones served. Hurt is an empty suited puppet of the GOP who knows to follow the party line and nothing else. It is worthy to note that after years as a Virginia legislator Hurt chose not to

      enter national politics until the Virginia Uranium mining battle started. His father has a large financial interest in Virginia Uranium Inc. Hurt has a weekly press release to rural weekly papers which spouts nothing except the GOP party line and their efforts to defeat Dem initiatives.