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Substitute “Synagogue” or “Church” for “Mosque,” How Does That Sound?


According to Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who is actually doing quite well by the way, American communities “have the right to [ban a mosque]” if they want to. In Cain’s view, “That’s not discriminating based upon their particular religion. There is an aspect of them building that mosque that doesn’t get talked about. And the people in the community know what it is and they’re talking about it.”

Uh huh. Now, substitute the word “synagogue” or “church” in there, and see how it sounds. Let’s try it: “American communities have the right to ban a synagogue…people in the community know what it is and they’re talking about it.” Or, “American communities have the right to ban a church…people in the community know what it is and they’re talking about it.”

Not cool, huh? In the first case, it’s blatant anti-Jewish bigotry. In the second case, it’s blatant anti-Christian bigotry. So, what’s the difference when Cain talks about mosques? Or how about when two Republican presidential candidates, including one front runner, sign a pledge calling for “Rejection of Sharia Islam and all other anti-woman, anti-human rights forms of totalitarian control.” Of course, as educated people know, there’s no such think as “Sharia Islam,” but there is such a thing as “Sharia,” “the code of conduct or religious law of Islam.” That’s just like the Talmud and/or Torah for Jews; or possibly Canon Law for Roman Catholics (“a fully developed legal system, with all the necessary elements: courts, lawyers, judges, a fully articulated legal code and principles of legal interpretation.”), etc. So, per Herman Cain, should we ban “Talmudic Law” or “Canonical Law,” while we’re at it?

Look, it’s fine for Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann or Rick Santorum if they want to be bigots. It’s even fine, in this country, for them to spout those bigoted views every chance they get. What I do NOT think is fine is for a significant percentage of Republicans to support one or more of those candidates for President of the United States. That is deeply, deeply disturbing, as it’s the antithesis of everything it means to be an American. WTF, did these people all skip K-12?  

  • NotJohnSMosby

    Whenever a black person advocates restricting someone else’s civil or Constitutional rights – be it gay rights, freedom of/from religion, etc – I can’t help but think how they would feel if someone white said they should be able to ban an AME church from their community.  A lot of Southern whites felt the same way about blacks 50 years ago as Cain feels about Muslims today.

  • glennbear

    Therein lies the problem, blind ideology and the authoritarian mindset does not allow for an intellectual view of various religions. Even atheism is a valid belief system. The uneducated would be best served by looking at the definition of sharia as you linked to and seeing the striking similarities to biblical precepts. One of my daughters is a practicing Wiccan and the similarities between Wiccan ideals and those of bible thumping christians are quite striking.

     As far as having skipped K-12, a lot of the far, far right were home schooled and attended fundamentalist colleges where the skewed ideology is pounded into their heads unlike the realistic viewpoint offered by public education.

     The town I formerly lived in was home to the largest Rabbinical University in the USA, the oldest Catholic Women’s College (now coed), and the only Mosque in the county. Amazingly enough all three peacefully coexisted without incident except for squabbles about parking. Cain and others of his ilk have no business running for public office with their fear mongering attempts to sway the uninformed.

  • kindler

    …Michelle Bachmann has long belonged to a church that considers the Pope to be the Antichrist, I don’t think this new crop of Repubs is tolerant of anybody’s who’s not them, including other Christians.  

    Mark my words, here’s a prediction:  once Romney’s opponents start getting desperate, someone’s going to start making subtle or not-so-subtle attacks on Mormons.  And considering the pathetic level to which the Repub rabble has fallen, it might just work.