The Beginning of the End for the Faux “News” Slimepit?


    We can only hope.

    For years now, Faux “News” has been an utter slimepit of hatred, viciousness, and bigotry, by the likes of modern-day Father Coughlin figure Glenn Beck, hatemonger Sean Hannity, and other assorted rabble. Now, we’ve got the exploding scandal over Faux owner Rupert Murdoch’s absolute lack of ethics, and probably legality, in his pursuit of the “news” (aka, “lots and lots of money for Rupert Murdoch”).

    Speaking of which, don’t you just love how the supposed “fair and balanced,” “we report/you decide” people get their “news?” Also, don’t you just love how these “family values” folks treated actual flesh-and-blood families, including those of a murder victim, of 2005 London bombing victims, of the families of dead British soldiers (so much for conservatives caring about “the troops!”), possibly even of 9/11 victims? Do these people have any shame at all?  Yes, that last question was rhetorical.

    • Anyone else this that this whole NewsCorp affair mirrors that of James Bond and the film Tomorrow Never Dies?

      Think about it; Rupert Murdoch would be like the fictional Media baron Elliot Carver, head of the Carver Media Group Network (NewsCorp), and begins his plans to provoke war.

      Just sayin’!

    • Teddy Goodson

      Let me count the ways….

      See how those politically blessed by Rupert are scrambling to distance themselves, both here and abroad (conservatives all, I suspect), such fair weather friends. Sigh.

      Talk about snarkable topics…. Or, since in this case, real life out-does art, let the truth itself be the snark

    • Teddy Goodson

      I just glanced again at “Return of the Chain Gang,” here on BV:

      Do you think some of those pampered poodles from Faux would be equally as decorative if they ended up “making little ones out of big ones,” as used to be said of those laboring on the chain gang?

    • glennbear

      The beauty of the decision by Murdoch to shutter the UK newspaper is that there are now scores of unemployed unhappy journalists who will be happy to share their insider information with other media and government investigators.

    • d_strict

      will spin it: “Obama’s Revenge”