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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are some Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, July 30.

*U.S. Senate kills GOP-backed bill to raise debt ceiling (Warner and Webb vote to kill this piece of garbage)

*McClanahan, Powell elected to Virginia Supreme Court

*McDonnell kicks off campaign events for legislative candidates

*Webb joins group of senators urging end to ethanol tariffs, subsidies

*Loudoun officials reaffirm county’s financial health

*July 2011 to become the hottest month ever in Washington, D.C. (Month after month of record or near-record high temperatures, both locally and worldwide, yet some people continue to deny global warming, and the media continues to pretend it doesn’t exist? Insanity.)

*New TV ad hits Cantor on debt limit

*Mount Vernon Dems Host Second 30th State Senate District Forum

*Va. police: Family of 4, friend kidnapped, robbed

*Virginia Business Bank seized, closed by regulators

*Top Line Buzz: Comedian Remy Munasifi on Writing, Inspiration for ‘Raise the Debt Ceiling’ Rap

P.S. Check out the video of Barbara Favola attempting to explain her vote to give the Arlington towing industry $250,000 more in revenues, just 5 days after she took a $2,500 donation from the owner of Arlington’s Advanced Towing. Basically, her answer is…no answer whatsoever.

UPDATE: Also, see the “flip” for President Obama urging “compromise on behalf of the American people.” Unfortunately, Teahadists and their Republican’t allies don’t care about the American people, only their adherence to a rigid, extremist ideology and “my way or the highway” approach to governance. Sadly, this outcome was all but inevitable when millions of reasonable, rational Americans stayed home in November 2010 and didn’t vote. I sure hope people never make that mistake again, but I fear that they will.

  • totallynext

    Attended by over 75 people.  Positive messaging from the candidates for the most part.  Only one candidate went a little negative on their opponent , which I think raised eyebrows.

    We can have a good race, with excellent candidates without that kinda stuff.   Hard choice!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I saw coming the debacle that the 2010 midterm elections turned into although I never thought we would lose as many seats in the House as we did (i.e., Rick Boucher).

    I don’t know how we can do it, but Democrats need to get our base voters to vote in off-year elections. GOPers do vote then.

    In Virginia the Byrd-machine-inspired annual elections for myriad offices exploits that very factor. Turnout stays low. Unless the DPVA and local committees work mighty hard, we may wake up after November’s election to a state government entirely controlled by the GOP.

  • truthteller

    It is what it is”? Is that supposed to instill confidence that she won’t accept donations that create conflicts of interest?

    Also, if she really thinks Jaime is a nice young man, as she puts it, then why did she refuse to shake his hand in Great Falls…. Does not compute