Al Gore Rips Into Climate Science Deniers, Uses Words We Don’t Allow on Blue Virginia


    Even though we don’t allow profanity on Blue Virginia, I’m making an exception in the case of Al Gore’s awesome rant for three reasons:

    1. This guy won the Nobel Peace Prize for his superb work on climate change, yet has been demonized by the lunatic right and dirty energy industry. He very much deserves to be enraged, and to cut loose with profanity if he feels like it!

    2. Gore absolutely nails it regarding “how corporate interests have manipulated scientific institutions and the news media to defend everything from cigarettes to global warming pollution, threatening the very existence of civilization.” Gore’s analysis of what’s going on here, with regard to the issue that supercedes all others (by far) in its potential for doing damage to the planet, needs to be heard by everyone.

    3. It’s just so cool to hear Al Gore, who people mocked for being wooden and passionless, totally cut loose. I mean, as much as we don’t want profanity on this blog, the 2011 version of Al Gore is welcome to guest blog on Blue Virginia anytime he wants! 🙂

    • glennbear

      For those unfamiliar, Mr.Gore has a TV station now and has appeared on it twice himself in recent weeks. He was talking about subjects other than climate change so despite rumors from the right to the contrary he is not a one cause player. Current TV has Keith Olberman on Countdown and a goodly number of documentaries weekly.  

    • doctormatt06