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An epic rant by Dylan Ratigan


that has to be seen to be believed.  He turns into a modern-day Howard Beale.  Take a look:

  • Say What

    It’s not the President of the United States saying it. Per Mr. Ratigan the Democrats & our President are only concerned about getting through the next election cycle and not on a range of necessary reforms.

    Where’s Jim Webb’s Commission on Judicial Reform?

    Where’s Bill Bradley’s Election Reform?

    Where’s our military reform …. which really is predicated on why in the hell are we still in Iraq & Afghanistan … policing & nation building??

    I like Obama … he came into office under the worst circumstances short of a nuclear war …. but he hasn’t showed the passion or intensity required … on a range of issues & causes. I hope that will “Change” … and it’s a Change I can Believe In.

    I wouldn’t label myself a progressive necessarily …. but I would view myself as a “fair” dealer …. and Ratigan’s Rant speaks to fairness. I doubt anyone is listening within the Democratic Party. If I’m wrong great … then maybe they’ll start a new movement of FAIR DEALERS (in the spirit of the New Dealers).

  • linda b

    he is so right. our country is bought and paid for, we know that. obama get on the teevee and tell the politicians to go jump off a cliff and you are taking over.


  • Teddy Goodson

    and a new Fair Deal is what Ratigan was frothing at the mouth about, and what I have told every Democratic candidate to start pushing (if they will). This rant is very much like Dr. Westen’s speech at the recent Democratic Summit in Virginia, and like his op ed in the New York Times. We really are approaching a revolutionary situation in this country (not yet, but approaching), and unfortunately neither the national

    Democrats nor our President seem to have a clue—- they are too beholden to The Establishment and to the corporate money, as Ratigan says.

    The other point made was getting money out of politics. I can’t see Obama turning himself into a dictator (as Ratigan wants), and as Westen suggested indirectly at The Summit, but I can see Obama getting behind campaign finance law and pushing public financing for federal campaigns.  

  • Anyone who blames both parties equally for the crises the GOP has caused loses me pretty quick.  

  • Redjek

    The Supremes have ruled that corporations are “people” and that money is “speech.”

    So I see no way out except to change the Constitution.  I cannot say what wording would be required to make this work, but the goal is that corporations are not people, but groups of people.  Groups of people cannot vote; individuals can.  Thus, corporations — including unions, PACs, etc. — cannot contribute to candidates.  Furthermore, since one cannot vote in just any old election, one cannot contribute to any old candidate, but only to those for whom you are allowed to vote.

    So, if you live in the First Congressional District of Virginia, you cannot donate to a candidate for the Second Congressional seat.  If you live in Virginia, you cannot donate to a Senate candidate in Maryland.  In fact, if you live in Virginia, you may only contribute to the Presidential campaign in Virgina.  (The fact is, we do not vote for President, but for ELECTORS.  So you may contribute the campaigns of electors you can vote for.)

    The upshot is that even Soros and the Koch brothers could only buy one Congressman, two Senators, and a handful of presidential electors.

  • commentator1

    The problem is the president can’t just do this. A lot of people think the president has some magic wand he can wave and make everything ok. The moment he steps a little bit beyond the Constitution or insults the vested interests he will be impeached by the Bought Congress.

    I just wish people would stop saying “The president should do this and that”. Unless he becomes a dictator he can’t do a lot of things by himself. Heck, he can’t even get his appointees approved.

    I’m convinced the Republicans would rather ruin the country than do anything to help Obama govern.

  • LOL. Uh, yes it is!  And kind of an incoherent one, presented in a belligerent/extremely loud/TeeVee-style tone, with a bunch of false equivalencies and ultra-simplistic/infantile statements, for instance that it’s all about one man (President Obama0 who should just stand up there and shout, “I’m the president of the United States!”, as if that will accomplish anything. Uh, that’s like me standing up on the street corner and shouting, “I’m a millionaire!” Well, guess what, that won’t make me a millionaire. And it won’t make me a millionaire no matter how loudly I shout it, as they do on the idiot box (how does anyone watch this crap?).