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Bill Nye “The Science Guy” Meets Faux “News” on Climate Science: Guess Who Wins?


As TPM explains, Nye “lay[s] out in plain terms some of the facts of climate change, including rising temperatures in the Pacific ocean,” then explains Al Gore’s completely non-confusing remarks about the conversations on racism and climate change, and somehow the Faux host thinks all this is “confusing our viewers.” Huh? I mean, unless you’re an absolute imbecile and/or ignoramus, there’s nothing whatsoever confusing about any of this. Of course, as one commenter snarkily notes:

“you’re confusing our viewers!” the unspoken continuation of that sentence: “by telling them the truth, which runs counter to the narrative we’ve been creating and pushing”

Or, to put it another way, “Don’t confuse us with facts and science, they hurt our wittle brains!” Personally, I’m going with fact, reason, and The Science Guy!

  • kindler

    …to confuse Fox News listeners. That’s why Glenn Beck was so effective drawing a few words and lots of lines on a chalkboard.  Obama = Hitler is easy to understand.  Just repeat it lots of times so Tea Party members can (maybe) spell the names correctly on their picket signs.  

  • Dave

    I love Bill Nye. He’s awesome. But that was a pretty seriously hard-to-follow analogy. I mean, I understood what he was saying, and it’s perfectly valid, but he sure took a long time and a meandering way to get there. And the commentator didn’t say that climate science was confusing the viewers – he said Bill Nye’s analogy was, and that’s hard to argue against.