Bob Marshall and Dick Black: Virginia’s Nightmare Ticket


    Last night, Dick Black won the Republican nomination in Senate District 13 (Loudoun and Prince William Counties). With Bob Marshall running for reelection in HD13, these two men form a far-right conservative ticket that is too extreme for this area.

    There is no more important set of races in the Commonwealth this year than the 13th Districts. And since they overlap, we have a chance to send both of these wingnuts into retirement at the same time.  

    Do you want to protect the right of women in Virginia to make their own healthcare decisions? Marshall and Black don’t.

    Do you want to protect public education in Virginia? Marshall and Black don’t.

    Do you want to make progress in Virginia? Marshall and Black don’t.

    Let’s make sure they don’t have another opportunity to get their way.

    As campaign manager for the Carl Genthner campaign to defeat Bob Marshall, I encourage you to visit our website at to make a contribution or signup to volunteer. This the best chance in almost 20 years to defeat Bob Marshall and with your help, we’ll get the job done on November 8th.

    John Devine

    Campaign Manager

    Genthner for Delegate

    • glennbear

      Defeating Marshall is extremely important since he appears to hold Cuccinelli’s puppet strings. Some of his craziest ideological driven campaigns seem to be at Marshall’s behest.

    • JDevine

      Yes, they need each other. That’s why this election year is so important. Can you imagine what Virginia will turn into if we have extremists like Marshall in the House, Black in the Senate, and Cuccinelli in the AG’s office? That’s not the Virginia we deserve.