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Colin Powell: Dick Cheney “overshot the runway”


If you intensely dislike Dick Cheney, it appears you’ve got company, in the person of Colin Powell. For some post-Irene entertainment, if nothing else, check out Powell’s interview on “Face the Nation” this morning, as the former Secretary of State lets the world knows what he thinks (short answer: not much!) of Dick Cheney’s “heads will explode” allegations in his new book.

By the way, Cheney didn’t just overshoot the runway in this book, but pretty much in the entire Bush administration and beyond. For instance, just on torture alone, the guy probably deserves to be in The Hague confronting war crimes charges. Other than that, he also participated in arguably the most disastrous administration in U.S. history, including racking up huge debts and presiding over the start of a horrible recession – caused in part by his policies – that we’re still coping with today.

  • kindler

    …for Cheney to resurface from his lagoon.  As Obama’s popularity wanes, what better way to remind people about the disastrous presidency that got us into most of the bloody messes that now bedevil us — the recession, Iraq, climate denial, the massive deficit?  

    What better way to remind people that, for all of Obama’s flaws, he’s a million times better than Bush and would be at least that much better than all the Bush clones running against him?

    Hey, thanks, Dick!

  • Teddy Goodson

    That’s an interesting statement… mostly but not all? And just what ones were not, er “civil?” That might have been a good follow-up question.

  • Say What

    ultimate diplomat. He out classes Dick Cheney by light years … but it’s not pretty nor funny. If Powell is the “center” vote Obama is seeking …. he’s got it.