DPVA: “Callous and extreme” Cantor “unfit to represent Virginians”


    From the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA), I couldn’t agree more:

    Taking federal disaster relief hostage makes Cantor unfit to represent Virginians

    Virginia Rep. continues to put tea party politics ahead of Virginians; McDonnell and Allen should denounce him

    Richmond, VA – Today Virginia congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor reiterated his statement that none of the areas affected by Hurricane Irene, including his own hard-hit Central Virginia district, would receive federal disaster relief without corresponding tea party cuts to federal spending.

    “Thousands of Virginians are coping with damaged homes and businesses, and four families that we know of have suffered the loss of a loved one.  Yet Eric Cantor still can’t bring himself put to their best interests ahead of tea party politics. Anyone willing to play political games while people are suffering is unfit to be a congressman,” said DPVA Executive Director David Mills.

    “Instead of doing everything he can to help Virginians and people on the East Coast recover from the loss of life and property that Irene dealt over the weekend, Cantor is parading around on Fox News talking about how he will hold federal aid hostage unless he gets to slash the budget.

    “I urge Republicans like Governor Bob McDonnell and George Allen to stand with struggling Virginia families and denounce Cantor’s callous and extreme position on critical federal aid for people who have been affected by this natural disaster.”

    Today Cantor appeared on Fox News and reaffirmed his position that before federal disaster aid is made available, “we’re just going to need to make sure that there are savings elsewhere to do so.”

    • The Richmonder

      The DPVA likes to use Cantor to raise money, but will it use that money to challenge Cantor, or divert that money to other uses?

      All the money collected in Eric Cantor’s name by DPVA should be earmarked to support the Democratic candidate chosen to oppose Cantor in 2012.

      Money raised using Eric Cantor’s name should not be diverted to other uses by the DPVA.

    • Say What

      What the hell does the DPVA do anyway?? Are they out there prospecting good candidates to support and run for office? Do they take care of their (incumbents) who have been targeted for “turn-over”.

      There needs to be some kind of coherent messaging going on that Cantor and the rest of his repub-buddies are bad for Virginia …. bad for business, bad for the vulnerable in society … bad for the nation.

      I mean who actually reads (or gets) the above statement?

    • No Party

      Tom Garrett is the worst candidate we have ever had running for office in Virginia.If the Democrats let Garrett get elected they will have a extremist like Virginia has never had.Just check out the people who have endorsed him.Garrett owes the Tea party extremist,Kooch,and a known racist for helping him win the primary.Please check him out.