Five Days Later, You Can Be Fairly Certain Barbara Favola Now Denies Maybe Race-Baiting


    Fairlington Community Center Ribbon Cutting and Healthy Vending LaunchBarbara Favola’s statement never actually spells out the “false allegations” to which she’s referring. But I’m guessing it’s Lowell’s recent recounting of his conversation with Favola in which she volunteered that her opponent Jaime Areizaga-Soto had no voter base in a mostly-white district, since condemned by Delegates Mark Keam, Scott Surovell & Patrick Hope:

    “I am deeply saddened by recent false allegations by Jaime Areizaga-Soto and his supporters.  This is an egregious assault on my character and the values I live by in my personal and public life.  My entire public career has centered around advocating for human rights.” said Barbara Favola.

    In Barbara Favola’s 14 years of public service on the Arlington County Board, she has played a significant role in creating the welcoming, inclusive, and diverse community.  She publicly advocated for and supported resolutions that acknowledge the value and contributions of Arlington’s minority populations.  Most recently, Favola supported a resolution to protect the civil rights and civil liberties for all people.  This resolution acknowledged that creating a safe community should not mean that a jurisdiction must participate in the Secure Communities program.  Moreover, she has worked tirelessly to ensure that critical county information is offered in Spanish and also offered in a way that is culturally sensitive.

    “These allegations are flat out untrue.  Jaime Areizaga-Soto and his supporters have hurled outrageous allegations at me throughout the campaign, but this takes the cake.  Mr. Areizaga-Soto and his supporters have sunk to a new low in Northern Virginia Democratic politics,” Barbara Favola.

    Look, I ran for House of Delegates from Virginia’s 47th district in 2009. If someone made up charges about me discrediting my opponent based on their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else, I’d have held a news conference on that person’s front lawn, invited every TV station in town to cover it, and told the accuser that if they had any guts, they could repeat those lies for the TV cameras so that everyone knew exactly where those filthy defamations were coming from. And then I’d have invited every elected official in the district to join me in condemning the allegations lest they be called a fraud for refusing to stand against them.

    Barbara Favola, on the other hand, was so outraged she … had her campaign email out a vague denial five days later with not one other elected official signing on to stand by her. I mean, if she wants to call Lowell a liar, why can’t she even do so by name? This is who Senators Dick Saslaw & Mary Margaret Whipple would have us believe is ready to go toe to toe with zealous self-financier Caren Merrick in November?  

    • truthteller

      She is claiming the charges came from Jaime. They didn’t — they came from Lowell, who is a supporter of Jaime but not a part of the campaign. And Barb called Lowell of her own volition.

      And why in the world isn’t she spelling out exactly what the allegations are that she’s denying? And waiting 5 days to respond? She was hoping this would go away without her having to issue a denial…. When it was condemned by so many public officials she did an about face and claimed the other side was putting out spurious allegations. It doesn’t look or feel right.

    • If she is, she’s even crazier and more unsuited for public office than any of us thought.

      First of all, she can’t deny making the call, as I’ve got the caller ID of it right on my phone (I took a photo, with Barbara’s phone # on it, and would be happy to share if she actually is stupid enough to deny she made the phone call). Second, as for the content of the call, I stand by it 100%, to the best of my recollection based on sitting down right after it ended and quickly writing down everything I recalled from it. But note that I NEVER said she was “racist” or anything, I said her comments about there being very few or “no Latinos” in the district, as part of her argument why Jaime couldn’t win in November, were “odd.”  Others, such as Mark Keam and David Englin, felt strongly that she was being racist by assuming that just because a candidate is Latino, he or she can’t win in an overwhelmingly white district like the 31st. Of course, as I pointed out to Barbara in the phone call, Barack Obama won this district overwhelmingly in 2008, both in the primary and general election. To which she responded that Jaime was “no Barack Obama.” To which I noted that she’s “no Hillary Clinton” either. Heh. Anyway, how on earth an individual who graduated from Stanford Law School, who has had a distinguished career as an attorney, White House Fellow, and Obama Administration official, can somehow be “unelectable” (in fact, I’d argue that Jaime is MORE qualified than Barbara in some ways, and that she is more qualified than he is only in terms of length of service on the Arlington County Board of Supervisors) is utterly absurd.

    • By that reasoning, I guess:

      *Jay Fisette and Adam Ebbin should have been “unelectable,” in that they’re gay in majority heterosexual districts.

      *Barack Obama certainly should never have won Iowa, or any other majority white state, or the 31st State Senate district of Virginia (which he won overwhelmingly), in 2008.

      *Men are borderline unelectable, since a significant majority of voters are usually female.

      *Doug Wilder certainly should never have been elected governor of Virginia.

      *JFK should not have been elected president, as Catholics were a minority in America.

      *Forget ever having a Jewish president, or a Jewish Senator (sorry, Joe Lieberman, Dick Durbin, Diane Feinstein, Al Franken, etc., etc.)

      *There’s no chance of a Muslim U.S. Senator or President or probably even a Congressman, unless there’s a majority Muslim district somewhere.

      *Also, forget having an atheist elected anywhere, as they’re in the minority pretty much across the country.

    • RebeccaJ

      Jaime never accused you of anything; please present proof of that or make a retraction. Your email should have been addressed to your potential colleagues in the General Assembly — not to your primary opponent, Ms. Favola. Though, waiting 5 days for an email non-denial denial that doesn’t include what you are denying is not a denial.

      But, in the end, Ms. Favola, these are the questions that you must answer:

      1.  Did you speak with Lowell when he says he spoke with you?

      2.  Did you say Jaime was a Latino and talk about the lack of Latinos in SD 31?

      3.  Did you mention Jaime’s “Puerto Rican donations?”

      If you answer these questions, each voter can then decide for his or herself if you were race-baiting.

    • Will Radle

      Everyone already knows where I stand based on my previous posts. Race is not a political issue.  Only politicians who offer no solutions focus on race, religion and sexual orientation, etc.

      I just want to point out the obvious in my contest for chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

      If someone said I failed to serve our community’s highest priorities, I would follow Miles’ advice and not be silent like my opponent.

    • RebeccaJ

      If the web site states that fact, then the campaign has made a public stand against the statements.

      That only makes it more imperative that Ms. Favola address her email directly to the campaign and directly answer the questions I posed — which I do not believe she has as of this now.

      I simply don’t think most people understand that when a candidate is “phone-banking” with potential constituents, you don’t “shoot the breeze” about things like demographics and tactics. If you do, you are unfit for office for being clueless — never mind whether you are race-baiting. That kind of discussion is to be held with your staff — if at all. I can tell you that the minorities I have spoken with view it with shock and dismay — though the minorities who support Favola are willing to forgive her. Loyalty is a strong emotion.  

      But, you don’t talk with potential constituents about the racial and ethnic make-up of your district as if you are handicapping a horse race. You say: “I will serve ALL my constituents! I am not running a campaign of division! I am running a campaign of inclusion and unity! WE are DEMOCRATS!”