“Gerorge” Allen Attempts to Buy a Google Ad. Fails!


    So, it seems that George Allen’s campaign tried to buy a Google web ad. That’s fine, lots of campaigns do that, and it could very well be a fine idea. The only problem is, the Allen campaign made a couple of little mistakes: 1) they spelled their candidate’s name wrong in the URL, as “gerorgeallen;” and 2) because of that, the ad directs to a “website is not available” page” (see screenshot), instead of to a fundraising page or whatever.  Unless, of course, the “gerorgeallen” campaign is actually being really clever here, by (wisely) deciding that sending people to a blank page is infinitely better than sending them to a page that attempts to defend “Gerorge”‘s miserable record of non-accomplishment in the “wounded sea slug” (as he calls it) U.S. Senate? LOL

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      So “Macaca”!

    • Dan Sullivan

      The home page of Gerorge’s website is designed to REQUIRE you to identify yourself. Halt! Who goes there!…For whatever intention they may have.

      Except you can skip the signup by clicking the “SIGN UP” button without signing in and it takes you to a page where you are told “We’re Sorry There was an unexpected error with your form. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

      And you can then go anywhere on the site including a page which is called the “Home” page, as opposed to the page that is the site home.