Home National Politics Karl Rove Rips Rick Perry for Vicious Remarks on Ben Bernanke

Karl Rove Rips Rick Perry for Vicious Remarks on Ben Bernanke


As one commenter on TPM’s Facebook page writes, “Geez, when even Karl Rove is calling Perry nutty, you know the guy is truly a complete f***ing whack job. Perry sounded like a two bit thug, which is about all he’s worth.”

Exactly. Rick Perry is a thug, fascistic, completely off the deep end, and utterly unsuited for ANY office, let alone President of the United States. I’d also remind everyone that this is the same guy who has toyed with SECESSION (which actually IS treason, by the way!!!), for god’s sake. But this is even worse in some ways, calling people “treasonous” or “traitors” because of policy differences, in this case on monetary policy. By the way, the fact that Bob “Pat Robertson’s Manchurian Candidate” McDonnell is tight with Perry really says it all about our fine governor (now auditioning hard to get the heck out of Virginia and be picked by someone, anyone, to be their running mate in 2012!).

  • JimWebster

    Don’t overestimate the falling out here. Rove gave Perry his start – masterminding his upset victory for Texas Agriculture Commissioner in 2000 – before the rise of Shrub. Interesting too that we find ourselves in agreement with Rove.


    more than a little scared that this guy might actually get elected.

  • kindler

    …that drives psychos like the Oslo mass-murderer to justify their atrocities.

    Criticism of Bernanke and the Federal Reserve is certainly legit, and needed. But accusing the guy of treason?  My fear is that Perry is not simply spouting off an unintentional gaffe but deliberately inciting the tea party hordes — an ominous sign for the coming campaign.