Latest Hurricane Irene Forecast Moves Storm Closer to Virginia Coast


    For a technical discussion of Hurricane Irene, click here. The main change from the latest forecast (11 am EDT Thursday) is that the hurricane track has been “nudged west,” with “significant impacts…likely along the United States east coast regardless of the exact track it takes.” Also see the National Weather Service map for Wakefield and vicinity, which indicates that southeastern Virginia is right on the edge of the hurricane watch area. Stay tuned…

    UPDATE: Gov. McDonnell declares a state of emergency ahead of the hurricane.

    • Its actually safer for all of our Naval vessels in Virginia Beach to be out in open water than to be in port during hurricanes, so they are all putting out to sea now.  I thought this was the basis for Webbs’ original offshore oil drilling opposition – that the rigs could get in the way of the fleet in this scenario and be hazardous.  I don’t know why it is no longer a concern.  

    • Dan Sullivan

      An ABC Store still open for business but boarded up in Hampton Roads waiting out Irene. Can you say profits? Can you say funded road projects? Can you say McD FAIL!!!