Polls are Closed: Results Thread


    Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss today’s primaries. I’ll start posting returns as soon as they start coming in. Also, you can follow the results at the Virginia State Board of Elections website. If you hear anything interesting, please post it in the comments section. Thanks!

    P.S. I just have to use this pun somewhere – will there be any political earthquakes today or just a natural one? 🙂

    UPDATE 7:24 pm: With 5 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, it’s Krupicka 43%, Ebbin 36%, Garvey 18%. With 3 of 59 precincts reporting in the 31st, it’s Favola 61%, Areizaga-Soto 39%. Also, with 4 of 58 precincts reporting, Theo Stamos is up 76%-24% over David Deane for Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney.

    UPDATE 7:29 pm: With 12 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, it’s now Krupicka 42.0%-Ebbin 36.7%-Garvey 21.3%. In the 31st, it’s Favola 63.2%-Areizaga-Soto 36.8% with 8 precincts reporting.

    UPDATE 7:38 pm: With 21 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, it’s now Krupicka 40.5%-Ebbin 38.4%-Garvey 21.1%. Most of Alexandria, which is Krupicka’s strongest area, is already in. Hmmmm. As for the 31st, with 17 of 59 precincts in, Favola’s ahead 63%-37%. Not looking great for Jaime right now. 🙁  On a more positive note, Theo Stamos is cruising to victory, right now with an 82%-18% lead. Congratulations to Theo, I think we can call this one! 🙂

    UPDATE 7:43 pm: With 25 of 54 precincts counted in the 30th, Ebbin’s pulled ahead of Krupicka 41%-37%, with Garvey trailing significantly behind at 22%. In the 31st, Favola’s holding her large lead (62%-38%) with 20 precincts reporting. In the 49th HoD district, Alfonso Lopez is beating Stephanie Clifford by a 2:1 margin with about half the precincts reporting. I think we can call that one too – congratulations to Delegate-elect Alfonso Lopez!

    UPDATE 7:47 pm: On the Republican side, Dick Black is leading by a 52%-26%-21% margin in the 13th State Senate district, with 29 of 52 precincts reporting. Stirrup’s hope is to win big in PW County, whose results have just started coming in, but he’s got a lot of ground to make up on Black!

    UPDATE 8:04 pm: State Board of Elections site has been down for a while now. I sure hope they get this resolved soon!

    UPDATE 8:07 pm: SBE back up. With 30 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th, Ebbin’s leading 39.5%, with Krupicka at 35.1% and Garvey at 25.2%. Looking pretty good for Ebbin right now! As for the 31st, with 36 of 53 precincts reporting, and Jaime trailing 63%-37% (including losing badly in Loudoun and trailing in Fairfax, both of which he needed to win), I think it’s fair to call this one for Favola. Sigh…

    UPDATE 8:18 pm: On the Republican side, with 44 of 52 precincts reporting, Dick Black is winning handily over John Stirrup and Robert Fitzsimmonds (46%-30%-23%). And in the 36th Senate district, Jeff Frederick is utterly demolishing “The Builder,” 74%-26%. I guess that endorsement of Tito by powerhouse/kingmaker (not!) George Allen must have made all the difference. Hahahahahaha.

    UPDATE 8:25 pm: With all votes counted in the 90th HoD district, Del. Algie Howell easily beat back a primary challenge from Rick James, who was supported by the Virginia Education Association, the LCV, the Sierra Club, and the AFL-CIO among others.

    UPDATE 8:29 pm: Other Republican Senate results include Tommy Norment easily defeating Mark Frechette in the 3rd, Dick Black almost certainly winning in the 13th, Dave Nutter leading Tripp Godsey in the 21st, a tight race between 4 candidates in the 22nd, another tight race in the 37th (Flanary vs. Hunt), and what looks to be a fairly easy win by Miller Baker over Scott Martin in the 39th. On the House side, David Ramadan appears to have defeated Jo-Ann Chase in the 87th, and Randy Minchew has won the 10th over John Whitbeck and Cara Townsend.

    UPDATE 8:48 pm: With 37 of 54 precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district, Adam Ebbin is leading by 249 votes over Rob Krupicka (Libby Garvey trailing far behind). The problem for Rob is that his strongest area, Alexandria, is all counted. Also, Rob’s trailing Adam so far in Fairfax, which is his only hope to make up ground at this point. I’m getting close to calling this for Adam!

    UPDATE 8:54 pm: I’m hearing that Rob has called to concede the race to Adam. Congratulations Senator-elect Ebbin on his upset win!

    UPDATE 9:00 pm: Winners on the Senate Republican  side include Norment (3rd), Black (13th), Nutter (21st), most likely Garrett (22nd), Frederick (36th), most likely Flannery (37th), Baker (39th). Winners on the House Republican side include Minchew (10th), Webert (18th), Ramadan (87th), Hodges (98th), Ransone (99th).

    UPDATE 9:07 pm: With 21 of 27 precincts counted in Braddock District, it’s now Chris “Random McCain-Palin Dude” Wade leading Democrat Janet Oleszek by 7 votes (1,422-1,415). Does Janet ALWAYS have to be in razor-tight races?!?

    UPDATE 9:30 pm: With 25 of 27 precincts counted in Braddock District, it’s now Janet Oleszek by 19 votes (1,866-1,847) over McCain-Palin Dude. Go Janet!

    UPDATE 9:49 pm: With 26 of 27 precincts counted in Braddock District, it’s now Janet Oleszek by 26 votes (1,894-1,868) over McCain-Palin Dude. Go Janet!

    UPDATE 9:53 pm: With ALL precincts counted in Braddock District, Janet Oleszek IS THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE! Psyched!!!

    • as well as how the EQ altered turnout

      really glad I voted this morning

    • Johnny Longtorso

      Will be entertaining if he wins the primary and loses the general.

      SD-30 looks like it will be close; Ebbin is putting up good numbers in Alexandria.

    • totallynext

      23 precincts in fairfax county

      14 precincts in Arlington

      17 precincts in Alexandria city

    • Johnny Longtorso

      I was expecting Jaime to win the non-Arlington parts of the district.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      In the 22nd Senate District where the GOP convinced Del. Dave Nutter (R-Christiansburg) to take on Sen. John Edwards (R-Roanoke), Tea-poisoned challenger Tripp Godsey is leading Nutter early with 54% of the vote. McDonnell poured money into Nutter’s campaign, supposedly to fund the general election, but that may backfire. If Godsey wins, Edwards has a much easier race ahead.

    • totallynext

      Wow that’s bad

    • NotJohnSMosby

      in the Republican primary.  That’s great news, since I think Stirrup would have easily won in the general.  With Black, he’s so unpopular with moderate Republicans and independents, we may be able to win that new seat out there.

      A Sharon Angle/Christine O’Donnell moment for Loudoun/PWC Republicans?  Pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory?  

    • totallynext
    • jsrutstein

      I got to see the results from the Sideburn Precinct with Oleszek up by 15%, and then I couldn’t access the site anymore

    • Johnny Longtorso
    • Eileen Levandoski

      What Senate district is Dick Black run in?  

    • totallynext

      Alexandria… Adam doing well a crossed all areas.   Goes back to what I got scolded about…Adam had the basic feet on the street strategy from the get go..  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      The New River Valley vote is coming in. Nutter is now ahead 64% TO Godsey 38%. Still, Nutter did not do well in Roanoke. Bodes better for Edwards. Formal opening of his office is the end of this week. I’ll try to cover that.

    • NotJohnSMosby

      He’s up by 5% with 62% of precincts in.  Too bad, if he does win I don’t see him beating John Cook in the general election.

    • Mitchell Statement on Republican Primary

      Combat Veteran and Small Business Owner focused on Education, Transportation and Jobs

      Ashburn – Shawn Mitchell, the Democratic nominee for the new 13th District state senate seat released the following statement after former Delegate Dick Black won the Republican primary tonight according to the results on the Virginia State Board of Elections website.

      “I am looking forward to having a serious discussion over the next 77 days with my opponent about the issues voters keep talking with me about: education, transportation and jobs,” said Mitchell. “As I’ve knocked on doors and talked with voters over the last couple of months, its clear they want a Senator who will go to Richmond and fight to keep our classroom sizes small, work to support businesses in Loudoun and Prince William who will create and maintain jobs here and work to find practical solutions to our transportation crisis that is decreasing our quality of life.”

      “These are the issues families are discussing around the kitchen table. They want leaders who are serious about going to Richmond, working across the aisle and addressing these issues. When I’m their Senator, they’ll know they can count on me to do just that.”

      “We know from Dick Black’s eight years in Richmond that he is more interested in causing controversy than solving problems and will put his social agenda ahead of fixing the economy and creating jobs in Loudoun and Prince William Counties.”

    • sad for Soto

    • Good for DPVA on this one, quick reaction and a good one too!

      Black is Back

      Carpet bagging former Delegate is back for another shot at dragging Virginia back to the Stone Age

      Richmond, VA – The Tea Party and the radical right got their candidate in the 13th Senate District with political opportunist and far-right extremist Dick Black winning a close race.  

      “Dick Black is the worst type of politician – one that will do or say anything or move anywhere to advance his extreme agenda,” said DPVA Communications Director Brian Coy. “Struggling Virginia families need leadership on jobs, education and transportation. They don’t need another round of Dick Black’s special brand of extremism, intolerance and utter lack of concern for the real challenges facing Northern Virginia.”

      In 2007, just months after being ousted from his Loudoun-based House of Delegates seat, Black moved from Sterling to Fredericksburg to run for the vacant 1st District Congressional seat opened by the death of the late Representative Jo Ann Davis.  And earlier this year, even before the new lines were drawn, Black stated his intention to move into the new senate district to run for office in the Leesburg area.

      In a 2003 episode typical of his record of putting divisive social and cultural issues ahead of jobs and the economy, Black sent plastic fetuses to members of the state Senate to protest abortion.  Republican Speaker Bill Howell condemned Black’s conduct, saying, “it does take the focus off the bigger, broader issues that we’re doing, and I think that’s regrettable.”

    • Will Radle

      Janet just pulled ahead! She won the precinct where I stood alone talking with undecided voters for the education advocate in the contest!

    • Frederick wins Tea Party Primary

      Richmond, VA – Former Delegate and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick emerged victorious this evening in a bruising Republican primary for the right to challenge Democratic State Senator Toddy Puller in November.

      “From putting divisive social issues ahead of jobs and the economy as a back-bencher in the House of Delegates, to getting ousted as RPV Chair for grossly mishandling the party’s finances and using his position to steer business to himself, Jeff Frederick has a record of gaffes, antics and far right-wing stances that Virginians will enjoy reexamining throughout this general election campaign.”

      Earlier this year the Democratic Party of Virginia released a web video welcoming Frederick to the race and offering viewers a look at some of the higher points of his career to date. You can view the video by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/vademoc

      In addition to that, below are some other items of interest regarding Frederick’s short stint as RPV Chair:

      Kenneth Klinge (Former state GOP chair):  “Frederick ranks as the worst state chairman in the history of the Republican Party of Virginia.” [Va Pilot, 3/20/09]

      From the notice announcing his removal, signed by Governor McDonnell, all five Republican members of Congress, House Speaker Bill Howell and party Vice Chairman Mike Thomas- “Unauthorized expenditures…corruption of process…Damage to the reputation and effectiveness of the Republican Party of Virginia.” http://bearingdrift.com/2009/0

      “Frederick, a former legislator from Prince William County, was ousted as chairman in April 2009 after a series of allegations that included directing business to his own company and spending party money for unbudgeted purposes without approval. The FEC fined the party $3,300, and Gen-X Strategies $2,500 as part of agreements with both entities.” [Washington Post, 11/13/10]

    • Johnny Longtorso
    • The Richmonder

      But happy about Adam Ebbin’s victory.

    • jsrutstein

      All 27 precincts are in

    • Will Radle

      JANET WINS!!!

    • totallynext
    • Will Radle
    • DanielK

      Bill Cooper stem rolled to the Republican nomination for Fairfax County Sheriff tonight.  Not surprising as he had a substantially more organized campaign throughout this primary and raised a lot of money (but spent a lot) during the primary.  

      He’ll face three-term incumbent, Democrat Stan Barry in November.  I’ll be posting a lot more about this race as it goes on. This is a very, very important race as we’ve seen throughout the United States, i.e. Arizona and Maricopa County that if you have the wrong Sheriff in office then that usually isn’t a good thing.

    • A Loudoun Dem

      I really hope people don’t think we’ll easily beat Black in November. Truth is, Loudoun has grown so much since Dick Black was on the scene that it’s going to take an effective campaign to introduce him to new voters.  Mitchell has an opportunity here, no doubt, but he needs to grow as a candidate and make up for a wholly ineffective Loudoun Democratic committee.

    • Will Radle

      stood with Janet Oleszek.  In fact he stood for four hours alone at the precinct talking with voters. It’s clear the precinct was won because of the voters with whom he spoke.