Republicans Go All Out for Caren Merrick in the 31st Senate District?


    Are Virginia Republicans seriously going to contest the (supposedly) safe Democratic 31st State Senate district (Arlington, McLean, Great Falls, a small part of eastern Loudoun County)?  Based on the glossy, 8-page mailer for Caren Merrick I received in the mail today (see page 1 to the left, and click to “embiggen”), paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia, it would sure seem so. I mean, this thing must have cost a s***-ton!

    Also, note that the word “Republican” is never seen in the entire 8 pages, except on the back page in small print, where it says “paid for and authorized by…”  Other than that, it’s all “new solutions and new leadership,” “economic growth and jobs creation,” “humble roots,” “hard work” and “results.”

    Finally, note that in all of this glossy goodness, there is ZERO word about the following topics: abortion, gay rights, immigration, guns, “Obamacare,” or just about any other divisive issue, social or otherwise, nowadays. Is this what Republicans like to refer to as “shock and awe?”

    Again, the question is whether or not Republicans are serious about going all-out on this, are they just testing the waters, are they trying to spook Democrats, or what? Will we see mailers like this coming through November, or will this be a one-shot deal? I don’t know, but I do know that Democrats just finished a rough primary, and that the Democratic nominee came out of it pretty much broke. On the other hand, the 31st Senate district still – in spite of being made 9.7 points more Republican in redistricting – was one of Bob McDonnell’s worst in 2009 (he won 44.4% of the vote). So, bottom line, I’m not really sure what to conclude here. What do you think? Also, to see the rest of the glossy mailer, click here. Thanks.

    P.S. I was also wondering, no matter how much deceptive mail Caren Merrick puts out, hiding the fact that she’s a Republican, how many people in the 31st Senate district won’t know that fact by the end of this campaign?

    • truthteller

      If she’s the deciding vote  in the Senate, Caren Merrick will be a rubber stamp for the anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-Science anti-education and health care funding, extremist agenda embraced by the likes of Ken Cuccinelli, Dick Black et al.

      She shares a campaign office with right wing ideologue, and Hillary and Gore hater & DeLay defender Barbara Comstock. Merrick and try to run from her right wing affiliates, but if we do our job right, she shouldnt be able to hide from such a record.

    • Say What

      Edd Houk in the 17th Senatorial District of Virginia (Spotsylvania region). The Republican party is putting up a candidate that is an ex-military, small business, CHRISTIAN type (as in hype) … who somehow has enough money to not only put out multiple color brochures and radio spots …. but they guy is on TV!!

      Bryce Reeves …. is running for a State Senate seat and he’s spending money to be on TV!!!  Where did he get the money? His resume could be mine … but I don’t have the dough to take out TV ads.

      One thing about the republicans in this state and on a national level …. they are unified and seemingly well funded. They are supporting their party candidates across the board. Consequently this means they are making the state more RED prior to national elections in 2012.

      So I ask again …. what exactly does the DPVA do …. aside from making righteous statements about Eric Cantor and his whack brand of politics??

    • VaCat

      I don’t think VA Republicans would be putting out such a slick brochure if they didn’t think that Merrick had a good chance of winning this seat.  The economy is the big topic and judging from this mailer, Merrick is going to campaign hard on how she has made a difference in people’s lives through jobs.  She created a business, ran a business, and hired people.  What’s good for business is good for people, good for the economy, and good for Virginia.  It doesn’t sound like she’ll spend too much time discussing social issues – 1) they don’t create jobs, and 2)certainly her views run against the majority in this district.

      If we want to keep this seat in Democratic hands, the Dems better rally around Favola, and Favola better be well prepared to defend her record and to demonstrate how she will be a strong representative and advocate for this district down in Richmond.

      If this campaign turns into a negative name-calling campaign, Favola will lose.  A lot of Dems were turned off by the negativity of the primary which may carry over in the general election. I hope Favola will be able to gain/regain their confidence.