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Video: Two Things Hard to Find in 7th District of Virginia — Jobs and Eric Cantor


Check out this video (courtesy of Rebuild the Dream’s Richmond YouTube channel) of several unemployed residents of the 7th Congressional District of Virginia – Eric Can’tor’s constituents, in other words – explain their situation, and wonder why they can’t get a meeting with Can’tor. As the highly astute and articulate woman at the end of the video says to the dismissive Can’tor staffer:

We knew there was one thing to find in the seventh district of Virginia, that’s jobs. And now we know the second one is Eric Cantor.

Of course, I’m sure Can’tor’s busy doing important work, like…uh…scrambling back from Israel to check out the earthquake. Not that he’ll do anything about the earthquake, of course (see here for more on that issue), other than cutting funding for monitoring and dealing with earthquakes. But one thing’s for sure: no matter what, Eric Can’tor’s far, far too busy to meet with his own constituents, unless of course they happen to be wealthy, powerful, well-connected, or otherwise NOT like the unemployed people in the video above.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Eric Cantor is typical of Republican members of Congress in Virginia. When I have written my “representative,” the letters I get back are boilerplate GOP talking points that have little or nothing to do with the questions I asked. By contrast, when I once wrote Jim Webb’s office about a vote of his that I disagreed with and asked why he voted as he did, I received a detailed list of reasons for his vote.

    If people in Virginia ever wake up and vote their own interests, instead of voting their prejudices or the way their fundamentalist preachers tell them to, we could retire the Cantors of the world. Until them, it’s pretty hopeless.

  • normanva

    The folks don’t claim to be members of the tea party.  They also aren’t offering to donate money to cantor.


    If Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) asks for federal aid, Cantor insists that the relief be offset elsewhere in the federal budget:

    The next step will be for Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) to decide whether to make an appeal for federal aid, Cantor said. The House Majority Leader would support such an effort but would look to offset the cost elsewhere in the federal budget.

    “All of us know that the federal government is busy spending money it doesn’t have,” Cantor said in Culpeper, where the quake damaged some buildings along a busy shopping thoroughfare. […]

    Cantor did not offer specifics on potential offsets.

    What a guy. Won’t help unless, you know, we can get cuts elsewhere to offset it. Hopefully Irene won’t make landfall in VA.

    Damn I’m happy to be in CA.