All Virginians Should Reject Palin’s Divisive Rhetoric


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    I was disappointed to read Sarah Palin’s recent comments that Northern Virginia hasn’t suffered the consequences of the recession unlike “the rest of America.”  I was Governor of Virginia during the worst years of the downturn, and I know first hand that every family and every business in our state suffered a great deal thanks to nearly a decade of economic mismanagement.  Balancing Virginia’s budget during those years required billions in cuts that impacted every corner of the state. Today, the vast majority of Virginia’s families still haven’t recovered the savings they lost and their homes haven’t regained their value.  Too many Virginians are still without jobs and businesses continue to confront economic uncertainty in the wake of the worst recession since the Great Depression.  

    Those families and those businesses are counting on their leaders in Washington to find common ground on solutions that will create jobs and long-term economic stability.  Instead, Sarah Palin is offering divisive rhetoric that only seeks to further polarize our country at a time when the partisanship in Washington is already at an all-time high.

    Of course this is not the first time politicians have sought to sub-divide Virginia into "real" and otherwise.  I abhor anything that tries to divide our Commonwealth against itself by region or demographic category. I urge all Virginia leaders – Republicans and Democrats – to join me in rejecting Sarah Palin’s comments, which are neither truthful nor productive.

    – Tim

    • In 2008, calling NOVA “communist country” was pretty much standard-issue rhetoric from McCain-Palin and Company. And, of course, in 2006, George Allen clearly stated that NOVA – and, presumably, Richmond and other urban/suburban areas of Virginia, especially if Asians, Latinos, or African Americans live there – are not part of “real” Virginia. We heard that message from Republicans in 2006 and we certainly heard it in 2008. Now, we’re hearing it again from Sarah Palin in 2011, and as far as I’m aware, no Virginia Republican has contradicted her in the least bit. Does this silence imply approval of Palin’s remarks?  I’m not sure why we’d assume otherwise, but I’m sure Republican apologists will try to contort themselves into making this into a phony issue or whatever. I say, let’s take it to the voters and let THEM decide.

    • Progressive86

      that the American people, and the people of Virginia in particular, are through with Palin-speak, the kind of inappropriate and nonconstructive rhetoric that keeps our country from achieving the great feats we know are possible. I would like to second Lowell’s comments: Take it to the people. I think and hope that they have finally decided enough is enough, no matter what their party affiliation.  

    • commentator1

      I was out of work for 8 months before I found a job. I am a Northern Virginian. I might also add that the stimulous was very helpful. It funded some training and gave me a break on my COBRA payment.  

    • aimeefausser

      Because of how many super wealthy people live in Northern Virginia. What she misses is that beyond the wealthy, the middle class has been struggling, and beyond that middle class there’s a great deal of poverty in Northern VA that is really easily ignored.

      I don’t really have a problem with her attacking millionaires, but again she misses the real issue.

    • Rep. Connolly Criticizes Palin’s Derogatory Comments on NoVA

      Says Palin Should Look at Her Own Backyard for Beneficiaries of Federal Largess

      Congressman Gerry Connolly today joined former Governor Tim Kaine in criticizing Sarah Palin for her offensive remarks about Northern Virginia, delivered earlier this week at a Tea Party rally in Iowa.

      “Once again, Sarah Palin has delivered a harmful and hateful message that has little basis in fact.  If she thinks that Northern Virginia is immune from our current economic recession, I invite her to meet some of our residents who have lost their homes or seen their retirement funds depleted due to the economic policies of the Bush administration,” Connolly said.

      “As the former Alaska governor and FOX News media star should know so well, Alaskans reap more federal largess than any other Americans, according to several studies and reports in the New York Times and USA Today. ‘Alaska is the top recipient of federal stimulus dollars per capita – with no close second,’ the Times reported; while USA Today also pointed out that Alaska was the biggest recipient of federal pork barrel spending from earmarks,” Connolly said.

      “I would suggest that this is the pot calling the kettle black,” he said.