Anyone for Lunch with Pat Robertson’s Governor, Theocratic Secessionist?


    Looks like a fun time, huh? Can’t make it? Bummer, but you can still catch the secessionist/theocrat at Liberty University’s convocation on September 14. See, not all is lost! Heh. Seriously, though, so much for any last pretense of  Pat Robertson’s governor, Bob McDonnell, being a “moderate” of any kind. Did anyone still believe that at this point?

    • Perry took $1 million in campaign donations from the guy who now has approval to operate a nuclear waste dump near Austin.

      Read the whole sordid story here:


    • kindler

      “…come watch me smooch the rear end of the candidate leading in the Republican polls in order to improve my chances of getting on the ticket as VP.  Watch me smile and nod my head whatever Perry says, even if he threatens the Fed chairman with bodily harm or calls for forced conversions of Jews and Muslims.”

      “Hey, who needs your dignity when you’ve got a shot at national office?”

    • gg2landy

      I HOPE many of you come to town to hear Perry speak at convocation. Please visit our city! Look at what LU has done on Candler’s Mountain. Their goal is to have 20,000 on campus students very,very soon….all voting Jerry Jr.’s way!