Home National Politics Barack Obama Speaks at University of Richmond: “Pass this bill!”

Barack Obama Speaks at University of Richmond: “Pass this bill!”


For more, see the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

It’s no accident that the president chose Virginia for his first appearance after his Thursday address to a joint session of Congress. In 2008 Obama became the first Democrat in 44 years to carry Virginia’s electoral votes.

Virginia is likely to be in play in 2012. This week Larry Sabato, a political analyst at the University of Virginia, labeled Virginia, with 13 electoral votes, as one of seven “super-swing states” along with Colorado, Florida, Iowa,  Nevada,  New Hampshire and Ohio.

“Hello Richmond,” the president said as he took the stage at the Robins Center. “Thank you, Richmond. It is good to be in Richmond, Virginia.”

Also, the Richmond Collegian has a live blog, which is great except they keep misspelling “its” as “it’s.” One of my major pet peeves; why can’t writers get this right?!?

  • relawson


    Our green energy plan? Key players going bankrupt, and moving to China.

    Stimulate and throw good money after bad all day long.  The problem remains.  We need jobs to come back home.

  • Will Radle

    As I wrote in today’s Fairfax County Times, “I advocate for federal and state investment in Phase 2 of the rail extention. The project means jobs in this economy and greater economic growth during the long term.”

    So far, our federal and state governments have invested $0 in Phase 2 of Dulles Rail.  As I also wrote in today’s Times, “The 2004 Dulles Corridor Rapid Transit Project Final Environmental Impact Statement and Section 4(f) Evaluation shows the federal and state contributions have shrunk by $275 million and $425 million, respectively, for a total reduction of $700 million in support. They drive tolls higher.”


    prez of UR is a strong liberal. I’m glad he invited Mr. Obma to speak there.

  • The choice of Richmond as the Prez’s first stop after his speech was not accidental.  I’m convinced Obama came to Richmond to challenge Can’t-er on his home turf and dare him to do anything about it!!!

    IN YO’ FACE!!!!