BOA Money Grab


    Bank of America has announced plans to charge $5 a month for debit cards. Are you tired of making bank CEO’s rich and enabling their Wall St. roulette games ? Check and see if you are eligible to join one of the many credit unions in VA. Their only loyalty is to YOU, the customer (shareholder).

        The conservative right of course rails against anything which does not have a strictly profit motive but the Credit Union model which is quite similar to electric and farmer cooperatives makes perfect sense to me. Why should every enterprise in America be geared towards increasing the already lopsided system of wealth distribution in this country ?

         I want to use a financial institution to handle my money and not as a means to make  someone else wealthy. I am currently not eligible for membership in a credit union but I have used one in the past and was quite pleased. I have contacted the CEO of my local electric co-op and his staff is going to see if arrangements can be made to open the credit union the employees use  to co-op members also. I hope so.  

    • Blue Virginia

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    • glennbear

      With customer outrage, the publicity of OWS, and other banks such as Wells Fargo rescinding their experimental fees BOA has discontinued their fee grab. I still recommend a credit union as an alternative and have heard from my electric co-op that our board of directors has approved credit union affiliation for co-op members and it just awaits approval by the credit union board of directors.