Breaking: Bobby Scott Will NOT Run Against Tim Kaine


    This is interesting but not surprising; I’ve been hearing for months that Bobby Scott would not run against Tim Kaine. Anyway, we now know the Democratic and Republican candidates for U.S. Senate next year — Tim Kaine and Felix Macacawitz (barring a miracle by Jamie Radtke, she’s toast). Game on!

    UPDATE: Decision Virginia has more, including Bobby Scott’s statement.

    • Elaine in Roanoke
    • libra

      came to the Buena Vista Labor Day Parade today, in one of those slick-skinned buses, which are a travelling advertisement (Palin used a similar one, for her “vacation”). The dim but strident Tea Cup is running on the platform of “saving us from the Washington politicians”. By… running to be a Washington politician? The woman needs the Congressional healthcare plan, if only to cure her irony deficiency.

      There was also another guy, whose name didn’t even register, and who also seems to be running to the right of Allen. According to him, we need to hold President’s feet to the fire on unnecessary spending, no matter whether the President is a Republican or a Democrat. Hopefully, it’ll be a Republican but, if it’s Obama, he’ll be watched with even more zeal. No difference at all, but for the double standard. Another candidate for the irony deficiency pill. He also got his talking points all messed up. He claimed we couldn’t dig ourselves out of the hole by just cutting spending and needed to grow economy. Whoa!

      So there’ll be two Repubs nipping at Allen’s heels for the nomination. I’m all for it; the more, the merrier, as long as it’s on that side of the political divide; let them spend their substance and energy on fighting one another and pushing one another into “writ in stone” positions from which it’ll be that much harder to weasel out later.