Eric Cantor and Company Stop Taking “Credit” for Jobs Numbers, Now That They’re Not So Good


    For more on how Teapublicans killed the nascent Obama/Democratic economic recovery of 2009-2010, see here and here. Also, as Steve Benen points out, “When the jobs reports were looking quite good in the early spring, Republican leaders were eager to take credit for the positive numbers they had nothing to do with.” And now that the jobs numbers aren’t looking so good, in large part due to the climate of uncertainty that the Republican’t complain about but that they themselves mostly created?

    But if Republicans demanded credit for the job totals in the spring, these same Republicans are desperate to avoid blame for job totals in the summer. It’s a nice little scam Republicans have put together: when more jobs are being created, it’s proof they’re right; when fewer jobs are being created, it’s proof Democrats are wrong.

    Heads they win; tails Obama loses.

    And, of course, tax cuts for rich people and corporations, combined with cuts to crucial programs for the other 99%, are ALWAYS the answer to everything in these people’s bizarre ideology. And yet tens of millions of Americans keep voting for these wildly irresponsible, dishonest failures? Perhaps we really do get the government we deserve?

    • Today’s jobs report is unacceptable and indicates that Washington must take new action to encourage hiring and jump-start our economy.  Given the partisanship and bickering we’ve seen in Congress, it’s no surprise that businesses are reticent to hire new workers and expand their operations.  The first and best thing Washington can do to help our economy is set aside political gamesmanship and work in earnest on policies to create jobs.

      This report also confirms what many economists have already acknowledged: the cuts-only approach that my opponents and many in the Republican Party advocate for will not trigger the type of job growth we need to put this recession in the rear-view mirror.  We need a job creation strategy. Strategic investments in infrastructure and education will create jobs immediately and in the long-run.  This approach combined with alleviating the uncertainty the business community – and all Americans – feel with Washington is how we rebuild our economy.