Even the “Too Conservative” Crew Thinks Dick Black is Bonkers


    A bit of sanity in the Virginia “rightosphere?” It’s a rare commodity, but yesterday we got a bit, courtesy of the crew at Too Conservative, with regard to bats*** crazy Dick Black, now running for State Senate in the 13th district (Loudoun, Prince William). Here’s what Lloyd at Too Conservative has to say about Plastic Fetus Dude.

    … Several commenters on this blog and elsewhere, formerly skeptical of Mr. Black’s odd antics and carpetbaggery, have now become born-again members of the Black Brigade.  Seems he’s managed to convince them that he’s a changed man, no longer espousing the plastic fetus-mailing views he held as a . . . . cough. . . young man all those ten years ago.  Nope.  Now, he’s all about the economy, transportation, jobs.  None of that anti-gay, anti-everything stuff he used to say. To everyone.

    Got news for you, boys.  You’re been had. Black is playing the oldest game in the politician handbook: tell people what they want to hear.  And you are willingly suspending disbelief just because he’s the Republican nominee giving you some attention.  Wake up, people!

    Fortunately, voters in the 13th district have an infinitely better choice: Shawn Mitchell, a moderate Democrat who recently was endorsed by the Prince William Realtors and (overwhelmingly) by Virginia FREE. This has got to be one of the easiest choices this election cycle – competent, sane, smart Shawn Mitchell vs. bats*** crazy, sex-obsessed Dick Black — a “no brainer” if I’ve ever seen one.

    • ShawnMitchellforStateSenate

      Everywhere we go in the district, voters are happy there is an alternative choice to Dick Black in this election. We’re hearing it on the phones and at the doors.

      But we need everyones help to make sure he doesn’t go back to the General Assembly.

      We’re canvassing and phone banking every day from our office in Ashburn. You can find more information on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Shawn4… or our website http://www.shawnforsenator.com

      We’ve got an event with Terry McAuliffe this weekend in Herndon https://secure.actblue.com/pag

      And we’re going to have some other good news coming up in the next week or so to help put Shawn over the top.

      Hopefully we can see everyone out here, helping us save the Senate and keeping Dick Black out of the General Assembly.