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Is Corey Stewart Running for Prince William County Board Chair, Virginia LG, or Both?


So, given that one of Prince William County Board Chair Corey Stewart’s top consultants (Vince Harris) is putting Stewart’s name out there for the position, should we all be congratulating him on launching his campaign for Virginia Lieutenant Governor in 2013? What, you say? Isn’t it a bit early to be doing that, especially since Stewart’s currently running for reelection to another 4-year term as Prince William County Board Chair this year? Well, yes, it would seem so, but since when did a minor technicality like that stop an ambitious politician like Corey Stewart? Short answer: it only would if the politician were actually committed to serving out the term of the office he was ostensibly interested in. In this instance, that’s clearly not the case.

  • sspiker

    Would you like me to compile a list of politicians on both sides of the aisle who left their post mid-term for higher office?

  • NotJohnSMosby

    so he can run for everything and win – and hold the spots concurrently.

    He’s 15th century, to be sure.  More Inquisition than Renaissance though.

  • Dan Sullivan

    wants this without a doubt. Aided by the failure of the DPVA to field a candidate in his district whose campaign might have aired McWaters’ laundry, he is leaning forward toward 2013. No competition this year frees him to build his war chest and court support by aiding others statewide.