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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, September 24. If you see any significant stories that I’ve missed (which I’m positive I do!), please add them in the comments section. Thanks.

*Virginia Gov. McDonnell dropping by Fairfax County supervisor’s fundraiser after cutting ribbon at Northrop Grumman HQ (In this article, John Cook has a bizarre comment, apropos of nothing, that “Of course, what the Democrats want to do is turn Fairfax County into Arlington.” Well, of course, Arlington was just named the “second-best city in America,” so wouldn’t that be a horrible thing to aspire to? Heh.)

*Activists plan to rally in Richmond Saturday for solutions to climate change

*Va., Md. lawmakers offer bill to let federal employees donate unused sick leave

*Democrats unveil new ads in Virginia to support Obama’s jobs plan

*Pension maneuver key to McDonnell’s budgeting (“McDonnell, despite his campaign pledge to eliminate gimmicks, signed off on a huge one: holding back pension payments to balance the budget. We rate this a Promise Broken.”)

*Critics Slam ‘Predatory’ For-Profit Schools (“The Post-9/11 GI Bill has been a bonanza for for-profit schools and universities, some of which have targeted veterans with misleading ads and statements and then failed to deliver on academic promises.” And Brian Moran defends this?!? WTF?!?)

*Northrop Grumman opens its HQ in Falls Church

*League of Women Voters sets candidate debates

*Obama nominates Virginian-Pilot publisher for HUD post

*Fairfax School Board races: Change vs. continuity

*Fairfax drops letter grades in elementary schools

  • glennbear

    Gazing into my own crystal ball I predict more gimmickery with the VA Pension System in the future now that Dianna Cantor has been named director. Her background is in private investment banking (aka financial roulette with other people’s money) and she is married to Eric Cantor who is the go to guy in Washington for hedge fund managers. It would not surprise me at all if pension funds are invested/manipulated to fatten the wallets of them and their friends under the guise of “increasing returns”.