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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, September 25.

*Records illuminate Senate hopeful Allen’s energy connections (Better late than never for the Post; I reported on this in December 2010!)

*Bay’s restoration makes environmental, economic sense

*Jeff E. Schapiro: Farrell takes to the political stage

*Braddock District Debate Turns Heated (see the video I shot to the right; since when does the debate host and timekeeper — in this case Republican/Cook supporter Denny D’Alelio — call one of the candidates in the debate a “jerk” in the middle of the debate?!?)

*Live Blog: Cook, Oleszek and Campbell Debate

*Bulova for Fairfax chairman

*How would you use $1 billion to create jobs for the poor?

*Justin Verlander: Goochland pitching star now ‘King of Detroit’

*Virginia Beach candidates get set for quick campaign

*Alito in Va. for Regent University private event (Alito at Regent? Why is this not surprising?)

*Dismal Swamp still burns despite rain

*Senator Mark Warner: Region Needs New Potomac River Bridge (absolutely, 100% wrong – this will only lead to more sprawl, environmental destruction, gasoline consumption, and pollution; the answer is transit and smart growth)

*Tysons Corner: The building of an American city

  • Braddock Supervisor John Cook (R) claims that the largest donation he ever received was $5,000. Well yeah, that’s true, but according to VPAP, Cook HAS received more than $5,000 from three different sources (two of which, appropriately enough, are a Rental/Property Management company and an Arlington-based real estate developer). Cook also received two $5,000 contributions, for a total of $10,000, from fellow Republican Supervisor Pat Herrity.

    $10,000 Herrity for Fairfax County Board Chair – Patrick

    $7,000 Cherokee Management Services LLC

    $7,000 Frank Pence

    Also, you’ve gotta love Cook’s Rick Perry imitation, in which he says he can’t be bought for “a couple thousand dollars.” Oh really? So how much CAN Cook be bought for? $5k? $10k? This is almost identical to Rick Perry’s gaffe in a recent Republican debate, where he said “If you think I can be bought for $5000, I’m offended.” Sound familiar? Of course, since Bob McDonnell’s BFF’s with both Perry and Cook, perhaps it’s not surprising that they’re using the same debate lines! LOL