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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 29.

*Democrats say Allen campaign is targeting its tracker (see the new video by DPVA on this subject)

*Sen. Edd Houck targeted by group aiming to advance ‘Christian worldview’

*Tim Kaine opposes Obama plan to raise capital gains tax

*Arlington, Fairfax bringing streetcars back to life

*Lawmakers ask Pentagon to slow move of employees to Mark Center

*Va. seeks mental health changes

*Bachmann delivers evangelical message at Liberty University

*Jeff’s Notes: Republican takeover?

*McDonnell edges into GOP veepstakes

*Fred Thompson endorses Allen for U.S. Senate

*GOP warns defense cuts could harm Hampton Roads

*State Senate candidate rallies Amherst crowd, with support from Cuccinelli

*Cuccinelli intends to file suit over Net regulations (here we go again…ugh)

*Opposition grows in Virginia to migrant worker pay increase

*Strasburg strikes out 10 in Nats’ final game (I’m very much looking forward to next season for the Nationals, this is a team on the rise!)

P.S. I grew up an Orioles (AL) and Mets (NL) fan. I always rooted against the Red Sox (unless they played the Yankees, in which case it was a tough call). So, let’s just say, Miles and I are probably feeling a bit differently today about what happened last night at the hands of…yep, the Orioles. 🙂

  • Hard to get upset when the Red Sox did so much to doom their own chances. Not like they scrapped and fought and got screwed by the umps or something, THAT would be hard to swallow.

    I’m choosing to focus on Stephen Strasburg’s final 2011 numbers: 1.50 ERA, 24 Ks in 24 IPs. Could the Nats make the playoffs next year?