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A Bit of Mitt: Watch an “Ad” Edited with Romney’s Rules


Mitt Romney’s campaign has decided it’s perfectly fine to selectively edit President Obama’s statements to give them a completely different meaning. It got ThinkProgress thinking … what would a campaign “ad” look like featuring nothing but sound bites from Mitt taken out of context?

  • aznew

    the Romney ad that led to this satirical video is serious business. The Romney video is based on a brazen lie, even for a political culture like ours in which lying is often justified by both sides as simply reflecting a particular political perspective.

    Statements out of the Romney camp make clear that they knew they were outright lying with this ad, and that they just didn’t care.

    Already, some outlets, like Politico, are just asking the question of whether the ad will be effective, not whether it is wrong to so brazenly lie.

    How friggin’ sad.  

  • Will Radle

    Are we supposed to support his stupity because he’s using “local children”?  Oh, goody!  He will not be busing children from the other side of town to violate international standards against child labor to bust unions.  

    Newt’s Nuts! Please leave the stage, NOW!

    A. Will Radle, Jr.

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