Bryce Reeves Supports Forcing Virginia Colleges to Allow Concealed-Carry on Campus


    By Craig Bieber, cross-posted from the Albemarle County Democratic Party website.

    The Free Lance-Star published an article today about the debate last night between Senator Edd Houck and Bryce Reeves. During the debate, Reeves expressed his support for compromising the security of Virginia’s colleges, including the University of Virginia, by forcing them to allow people to carry firearms on campus:

    The candidates also differed on whether people on college campuses should be allowed to carry guns.

    Reeves said he has a concealed-carry permit and is in favor of allowing guns on campus. Houck said he opposes that, and supports the current law allowing colleges to make their own rules on the issue.

    Also from the article:

    Asked about his thoughts on consolidation of wealth in the top 1 or 2 percent of people, Reeves said those are “job creators.”

    “I think those folks work very hard for their money,” he said. “Those folks at the top 1 percent are job creators.”

    Houck said some of those people, like the Koch brothers, have made their money by outsourcing American jobs to other countries, something he opposes.

    “If this is how they make their money, at the expense of all these American jobs, it’s wrong,” Houck said.

    Reeves is far too extreme to represent Albemarle in the Virginia Senate. Help Senator Houck carry election day by volunteering and helping GOTV. Email or (540) 710-6383 for ways to help!

    • truthteller

      The differences are clear and the GOP has nominated an extremist who is willing to shove guns down the throats of campuses which already have enough difficulty managing their security in these tough times and siding with the 1% even though they are not fulfilling their obligations to VA workers to …. you know… create jobs.

      Edd Houck believes that with wealth comes added responsibility to actually create jobs and support sensible investments and while pro gun doesn’t believe in telling campuses how to manage their own security.

      This is a race that can use your attention. If you have family or friends that are persuadable in this district give them a call. This is a seat we ought to and need to hold