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Quinnipiac Poll: Obama Approval Jumps, Leads All Republican Challengers


I’ve noticed President Obama’s poll numbers trending up the past couple weeks, and now we have another example from Quinnipiac University:

President Barack Obama’s job approval rating is up, from a negative 41 – 55 percent October 6, to a split today with 47 percent approving and 49 percent disapproving in a Quinnipiac University poll released today. The president has leads of 5 to 16 percentage points over likely Republican challengers.


Obama also is looking better in matchups against potential Republican nominees:

47 – 42 percent over Romney, compared to a 46 – 42 percent Romney lead October 5;

52 – 36 percent over Perry, up from a 45 – 44 percent tie last month;

50 – 40 percent over Cain, who was not included in a matchup last month;

52 – 37 percent over Gingrich, who was not matched last month.

Not too shabby, the key is for these numbers to keep improving over the next year. If they do, I’m not saying Obama’s reelection will be easy, but given the utterly, outrageouly pathetic Republican presidential field, perhaps it won’t be that difficult either.

By the way, as far as Romney’s concerned, check after the “flip” for a video of Romney endorsing a “Daily Kos diarist who supported Bush’s impeachment, led demonstrations against the Iraq war, disagreed with capital punishment, and supported marriage equality.” I’m sure that will go over just GREAT with the right-wingers who vote in Republican primaries. Heh.

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    will go higher and higher as the deficiencies (and extremism) of the supposedly most popular GOPhers becomes more apparent.  

    As others (esp Jon Stewart) have quipped, Mitt is in the “Mittless Protection Program,” where he has brought new meaning to position acrobatics and must be saved from himself.

    Unfortunately, Jon Huntsman, the only smart, balanced, serious, legitimate candidate with real ideas and the ability to work with others still garners no interest. But the Twitter feed of @jon2012girls (his adult daughters) is a hoot.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The more people watch the endless Republican debates that aren’t even good political theater (although they are a gold mine of material for Jon Stewart), I believe more and more Americans will say that the present President is head and shoulders above any in the GOP “field'” and I’m using that term lightly. Familiarity does, indeed, breed contempt.